Note: This blog post was originally written in Japanese for our Japanese website. We used our machine translation platform Translation Designer to translate it and post-edit the content in English. The original Japanese post can be found here.

At Kawamura International, in addition to human translation services, we also provide machine translation services which include platforms and engines like XMAT (pronounced transmat) and Kawamura NMT that our customers can use themselves. In this post, we'd like to introduce what our customer support team does on daily basis for those services.

XMAT editor screen image

Our customer support team responds to inquiries from customers and resolves unclear points such as how to navigate on a screen. We assist the customers so that they can use our services comfortably.

Here are some of the things our customer support team prioritizes.

Quick response

We receive inquiries from our customers by email. Our team does its best to reply to the inquiries as soon as possible.

Even for matters that cannot be resolved immediately, our team always reply first to acknowledge receipt of the inquiry. The response time is important because customers may feel uneasy and it may lead to complaints, even affecting customer satisfaction.

Concise communication

We always make effort to convey information that is concise and easy to understand. We do not want to provide a solution that is far from the customer's expectations or to send a message with many technical terms that takes time to understand.

Inquiries from customers often do not go according to a manual.

Therefore, we try to accurately determine the information that our customers are looking for and respond flexibly to the situation.

Information sharing within the customer support team

If our customer support team members have different knowledge and understanding of the services, the response to our customers will be inconsistent. Of course, it is important to assign specialists who are familiar with all inquiries and to improve our team members' skills and knowledge. However, in customer support, it is necessary to avoid dependency on particular members.

For this reason, we collect information of past inquiries and their solutions along with email templates. As a team, we accumulate them as knowledge and use them to solve our customers' issues.

By sharing this information within the team, we are able to provide consistent information no matter who responds.

No simple errors

If you send a message to the wrong email address or accidentally use the wrong customer name, it may develop into a serious problem as a risk of information leakage.

Therefore, before sending an email, we always check the email address and customer name to avoid these simple yet costly errors.

Providing customer support for a better customer experience

Our support team currently uses a web service dedicated to managing inquiries.

This makes it possible for the entire team to grasp the progress of all inquiries. Also, our team is able to centrally manage information such as which tickets (inquiries) are being dealt with or not, and whether the inquiry is urgent.

In addition, since a ticket is assigned to each inquiry and all communication is conducted under that ticket, there is no risk of sending messages to a different customer. We have established a system that can be used with peace of mind.

Job fulfillment

Through our customer support team, our aim is to have more people know about us and benefit from our services. However, the most rewarding aspect of this job might be receiving our customers' thank-yous for providing accurate solutions to their inquiries. Those words make our job fulfilling.


Depending on the content of an inquiry, we work with our development team to provide a solution. For this reason, some inquiries may take more time to be resolved, but all inquiries are equally valuable in order to improve our services.

Any inquiry or question, no matter how small, can lead to improvement. That is why we take every inquiry as an important voice from our customers. It is an opportunity for us to grasp issues that we have not noticed so far. Moreover, we can utilize it as very valuable feedback for future improvement and product development.

We will continue to improve and work on our products on a daily basis so that we can provide services that are easier to understand and use.

Kawamura's localization services

At Kawamura International, we develop and provide a wide variety of solutions that transform your data into a valuable language asset. Our solutions include the machine translation platform XMAT (pronounced transmat) and the API solution LDX hub, which supports all kinds of conversion and processing of digital data related to language services. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking to streamline your translation processes.

We also welcome any questions or comments from customers who are currently using our services. Don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team!