Company Philosophy

Since Kawamura International was founded in 1986, the translation and localization industry has seen dramatic changes, which have only accelerated in recent years. Back in 2006, we established the KI Philosophy to both define our corporate values and present our basic principles. We believe now is the time to once again show those values so that we can better illustrate our determination to bring forth transformative change to people. Our new KI Philosophy is comprised of the following three elements:

1. Our Mission – What we can bring to you

2. Our Vision – Where we are headed

3. Our Value – How we work and present ourselves to the world

Our Mission

“We will bring transformative change to everyone who is in need of translation.”

– What we can bring to you

Transformative change isn’t simply limited to the changing of systems, it also extends to the bringing of change to the people who use those systems. By digitalizing the translation processes, we're looking to create new ways of thinking and working.

Our Vision

“We will become a strong, resilient company that provides fulfillment to its employees and contributes to society.”

– Where we are headed

As a company, we’re always striving to become stronger and more down to earth, with our roots firmly grounded in the community. Further, the great workplace we provide allows our employees to find a sense of fulfillment in the contributions they are able to make to society by growing together as a community.

For the ten years from 2007 to 2016, our goals were set as becoming a “strong, fun, and good-natured company.” This was the vision we believed would allow us to become a better company. While we were able to achieve some of these, there are some we’re still working on, and others that still need more effort. After reviewing these goals in 2017, we have updated our vision with the core values of “being a strong company,” “providing a great workplace,” and “contributing to society.”

Our Values

– How we work and present ourselves to the world

These nine values are important to and shared among all Kawamura team members. This is our code of conduct.

1. We seek to deliver the solutions demanded by our customers
“What do our customers’ prioritize?” We keep this question in mind at all times to find an optimal balance between quality, cost, and turnaround time so that we can provide each customer with their own best solution.

2. We take on the challenge of change
We’re actively adopting new technologies without being afraid of breaking the mold, and we take on the challenge that change brings, moving in what we believe to be the right direction.

3. We're always improving
Rome wasn't built in a day, nor were high quality of language services. We’re always striving to improve our quality, doing what we can to move closer to perfection.

4. We're always professional
We take pride in being a group of professionals. To live up to those words, we do everything we can to meet each and every one of our customers’ expectations at the highest level.

5. We grow together with our partners
We embrace collaboration and see the importance in growing together with our partners.

6. We have fun
Our ultimate goal is to enjoy working! We believe that a high degree of quality comes as a result of the positive energy derived from enjoying one’s work, which is why we are serious about making work fun.

7. We take a human-centered approach
Given that we are all human beings with individual emotions, we always start by first putting ourselves in others’ shoes.

8. We seek sustainable business models
We approach all aspects of our business with a long term vision that gives consideration to the environment, people, and community.

9. We accept diversity
We respect diversity not just on a surface level, but also with regard to the individual personalities we all have. We’re always striving to understand and respect all of our members, and that is the corporate culture we aspire to.