Adapting your content with our translation and engineering skills

Localization services
Localization is not just about translating text into another language. It’s about adapting your content to the local language so that the material is good to go when delivered in your hands. In addition, many localization projects involve managing online content that requires engineering skills. Our experienced team will coordinate the technical aspects, such as CMS integration, incorporating computer-assisted translation tools, working with application test environments, which come hand in hand with the translation process.

Choosing a reliable partner
Kawamura supports all localization projects through not only high quality translation but also localization engineering expertise. You can count on us to serve as your partner to provide translation and technical support for various localization projects, including video subtitling and dubbing, eLearning courses, application software, websites, and software testing while using your preferred file format – whatever it may be.

Kawamura's Localization Services

Software localization

As Kawamura works on multilingual user interface (UI) projects for more than a million sentences per year, software localization is at the core of our localization services. For those who want to localize their software to enter the Japanese market or want to localize into multiple languages for expanding internationally, Kawamura will support your needs by presenting the optimal solution.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for the following solutions:

- Need software translation services but don’t know where to start
- Want better UI translation services to improve quality and turnaround times
- Need experts for SAP translation services such as UI translation of ABAP or Fiori based applications

Digital content localization

Need to localize an online video of a webinar, public lecture, eLearning course, or marketing video? Kawamura offers all services related to video localization, whether it be subtitling or dubbing a YouTube/Vimeo video or transcribing an audio recording of a meeting. Depending on your budget and time, Kawamura will deliver the optimal solution from high quality videos to low-budget options using AI.

Full package or just what you need for transcription, translation, or subtitle file prep – customizing the process based on your needs and utilizing AI when the budget and deadlines are tight
Dubbing / Voice-over
Supporting in 50 languages from high quality studio recordings to low-budget recordings in our meeting rooms
eLearning material
Anything from employee or end user training materials to technical content for engineers.

Website setup and localization

Kawamura supports everything you need for website localization from setting up a website using a CMS such as WordPress and Joomla to translating your website content into multiple languages. Based on the volume, budget, and timeline, Kawamura provides the best mix of various approaches including the standard human translation, machine translation with post-editing, and crowdsourcing translation platform integration.

HTML/XML coding
Want to just send your HTML/XML data? Sure, Kawamura can work with simple HTML files for websites or online helps and XML files using authoring tools like MadCap Flare, RoboHelp, or FrameMaker. Kawamura will deliver your data in the same format with the translated content.

Manual and catalog localization

Kawamura takes care of everything you need in manual and catalog localization – all steps including technical writing, multilingual translation, layout design, printing, and even shipment. Use Kawamura as a one-stop shop and save costs and time for your project.

Working with graphic design software
Kawamura can work with any kind of design file created in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign as well as documents created in FrameMaker or Quark Express. Don’t worry about adjusting the layout after translation – Kawamura will deliver the translated file in a similar layout as the original.
Working with Microsoft Office applications
Kawamura works with all files created in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio and delivers translated files in a similar layout as the original.