Agreement Concerning the Acquisition of Personal Information from an Inquiry

I. Company name and manager responsible for the protection of personal information

Kawamura International Co., Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager

II. Usage of personal information

Personal information obtained in the course of inquiries regarding KI’s business and personal information protection and management systems shall be used only for the purposes below.
1. To respond appropriately to inquiries
2. For sales purposes

Ⅲ. Provision of personal information to third parties and use of such information for purposes other than those stated

KI shall never use personal information that it acquires beyond the scope of the stated purposes or provide such information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual in question.
However, in the following circumstances, personal information may be provided to other parties and used without the consent of the individual.

(1) When there is a legal mandate
(2) In cases where it is necessary in order to protect the life, physical integrity, or property of a person (including corporations), and the consent of the individual cannot be obtained
(3) In cases where it is especially necessary in order to improve public health or ensure the healthy development of children, and the consent of the individual cannot be obtained
(4) In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with legally mandated work performed by national institutions, local public bodies, or parties to whom such work has been subcontracted, and where obtaining the consent of the individual will cause hindrance to the performance of such work

Ⅳ. Processing of personal information by third parties

In the course of business, KI may subcontract some or all of its work and the processing of relevant personal information to a third party. In such cases, KI shall select a third party that is recognized as being able to handle personal information appropriately, and shall have the third party sign a contract or other such agreement that sets forth the requisite matters for the prevention of leakage of personal information, including the appropriate management of information and the maintenance of confidentiality, and ensure the third party implements management in a suitable manner.

Ⅴ. Notification of purpose of use, disclosure, modification, addition, and deletion of personal information, halt of use and erasure of such information, and halt of provision to third parties

An individual to whom personal information held by KI belongs or a representative of the relevant individual may request the notification of purpose of use, disclosure, modification, addition, or deletion of personal information, and the halt of use, erasure, and halt of provision to third parties of such information. If you wish to make such a request, please use the contact details below. To prevent leakage, alteration, or other such problems in terms of personal information from arising in such cases, KI shall deal with the request through the company’s own procedures having first received proof of the individual in question’s identity. Personal information subject to disclosure shall be that outlined in II above

Ⅵ. Voluntary provision of personal information and what happens when information is not provided

All personal information obtained by KI is provided on a voluntary basis by the relevant individual. However, if a required item of information is not provided, this may cause hindrance to KI’s internal procedures and processing as described for the purposes of acquisition of personal information.

Ⅶ. Acquisition of personal information in a way that is not immediately perceptible to the customer

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Contact details for requests, complaints and questions: Personal Information Protection Manager
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