Machine Translation Solutions

Kawamura provides machine translation solutions that fits your company by offering various engines and platforms

Each and one of us have different security requirements, goals, areas of expertise, and users in mind when using machine translation (MT). We provide full support for your consideration of machine translation solutions, from the basic question of whether to operate it in-house as a long-term solution or outsource it to us as a one-shot project, to selecting machine translation engines and platforms or even customizing the engine to fit your specific needs. We believe that finding the right fit leads to user satisfaction. Let us help you choose the best solution for your company.

Platforms & Engines


As "X" stands for transformation, XMAT is pronounced transmat and is a game-changing machine assisted translation platform as the name indicates. You can translate text and files instantly. Start from one user and add more users as your team grows. Suitable for everyone from light users who only use the quick machine translation function to professional users who want to edit the translation, so-called post editing.

Payment structure: Flat rate subscription starting from one user. Unlimited MT.

Kawamura NMT

Kawamura NMT powered by NICT

A made-in-Japan neural machine translation engine powered by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) that utilizes Japan's Translation Bank® framework. It features industry-specific engines, which are Generic, Patent, Patent Decision, Finance (separate engines for basic and investor relations), Legal, Science (life science and medical field), and News. Available as add-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and even on Slack with the Kawamura NMT Slack app. More than a million users communicate smoothly every day.

Payment structure: Plans based on usage amount. Unlimited number of users.


Have you experienced the back and forth of emails to get the correct user interface text? Now, this a game changer for UI translation. Rigi is a web application that supports the localization process of multiple languages for your software. It will make everyone's life easier with increased efficiency and productivity.

*Rigi is developed and distributed by in Netherlands.
*Kawamura International is an official reseller partner of Rigi for Japan.

Translation Designer

A secure platform to use Google, Microsoft, Kawamura NMT, and DeepL engines along with the basic computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool features. Just drag and drop the file to start translating or to machine translate. Don't have time for post-editing your machine translation output? You can even outsource the work to us through the platform. We'll take care of it.

Payment structure: Flat fee based on the number of users. Unlimited MT.


From Europe. A machine translation engine that features an adaptation function. Suited for machine translation from English to European languages, and used by many translation companies as well. Supports unlimited number of users.

SAP Translation Hub

Limited to SAP users. A cloud-based machine translation platform that provides the best practices for multilingual translation of SAP-related content. Supports unlimited number of users.