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"Auto-translation for All @KI
(Commercial Version)"
ver. 2.0 is released!

"Translation Designer"
A platform that allows you to choose
your translation method

"Auto-translation for All @KI
(Personal Version)"
is now released!


Human Translation

This is KI's high quality human translation service that the company has provided and refined over the 30 years it has been in business. If you are looking to translate highly specialized documents in areas such as IT, medical, and manufacturing, then human translation by professionals provides the ultimate peace of mind.


Improve the quality of your machine translation output with our post-editing service. This option is best when the quality of a quick and low-cost machine translation is not enough. At KI, millions of words are post-edited per month, and more and more customers request this service every year.

Automated Machine Translation

If your budget and deadline are tight and you want a quick translation at low cost, then automated machine translation is an effective solution. KI can provide the optimum solution to fit your needs, such as machine translation engine consultation, distribution, or technical support.





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