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「Translation Designer」



Manual translation

Since KI was founded more than 30 years ago, we have used statistical quality control methods to continuously refine and improve our human translation service.If you want a reliable translation of highly specialized documents in areas such as IT, medicine, or manufacturing, you need a manual translation by skilled professionals.


If you need quality that speed and cost focused machine translation alone cannot provide, this service includes post-machine translation editing by a human.Each year, KI performs post-editing for on a total word count numbering in the millions, and each year the number of customers using this service increases.

Automatic translation

Depending on what you are translating, machine translation can help youIn some applications, automatic translation will be effective.KI can provide you with the optimum solution for your translation needs, be it support for implementing Google or Microsoft automatic translation tools, sales of other translation engines, or combinations of translation support tools.



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