September 15, 2020

Kawamura International is excited to share its brand new English website. After a several weeks of hard work and dedication, we are now able to officially announce the launch of our new English website.

Our aim was to convey our corporate story in English and give a path for our current and prospective clients to clearly see what our values are and what we can provide as a translation and localization partner. The new English website is simple and easy to access to all of the necessary information. Also, we have launched a blog content aligned with our Japanese website, utilizing our machine translation (MT) and post-editing (PE) technologies. This new content will provide helpful information along with showing how effective MTPE can be.

We will be updating the website with more material and new pages as our English content grows. We hope that everyone visiting this website will continue to follow the journey with us. Finally, we would like to thank our amazing staff at Kawamura International who donated their time and energy to make this website come alive. If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or comments, please feel free to contact us. We hope you enjoy our brand new English website!