FAQ - inquiries, estimates ed.

Q1. Flow to delivery What is the one.

A1. The general flow of after receiving inquiries from customers is as follows.※ items in the (optional) there are times when it is not carried out by the project. The above flow is common ones, but I will correspond flexibly depending on the situation of the projects that had you asked.  

Q2. Expertise, please tell me the kind of the corresponding documents that can be.

A2. In our company, IT · communication system, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, has been dealing with business law, field center in the technology and expertise is of high document translation, such as manufacturing industry.


Also, since the content that is not listed there is a case that can be supported, please contact us for more information to the sales representative.





Q3. How can I ask you a quote do I.

A3. お問い合わせフォームにてお見積りのご依頼をご選択ください。

Back to you will contact you from our company sales representative.   In a way that along the needs of our customers will be happy to create your quote.


Q4. Please give me the translation is Who correspond either.

A4. Translation work, do our house translators or registered freelance translators.
Were all clear our judging criteria, it is an experienced professional translator.


Q5. Registration translators do you have about what people.

A5. In 2017 April, registered translator is about 1000 people.    


Q6. Depending on the type of document, do you translator will change.

A6. Yes, it changes.
Each of the translator is the background of the professional field, the type of the corresponding documents that can be, different and practical experience.  

When we receive your request from our customers, we assign the best translator in the your request at our company.

Q7. Is it possible nomination of the previous ask the translator.

A7. If put the convenience of the schedule, we will assign the same translator.  First of all, please consult your sales representative.  


Q8. I am a graduate student.Or English translation of the paper is possible.

A8. Sorry, but we will not let me limited our suppliers to corporate customers.

Since there is not a problem as long as the form of dealings with universities, First of all, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

FAQ - price, delivery date and delivery eds.

Q1. Although most is price would like to ask the cheap company.

A1.  Superior quality products and services in our company, we strive to deliver to our customers at a lower price.

Depending on the application, we have you proposed to a wide variety of options, including machine translation and post-editing.

So we would like to contribute as much as possible to your business, when you consider, I hope you'll let us know your request to sales representative.

Q2. In degree of difficulty of the document to ask do you price is different.

A2. Yes.The field of subject to document translation, type, and comprehensively to determine the degree of difficulty, will set the price.

価格については、 弊社ウェブページのお問い合わせフォームより価格表をご請求ください。


Q3. I'd also translated figures and tables of the target data.

A3.  Yes, it is of course possible.

Data format and version of your choice, ask the detailed demands, etc., we will provide the best solution in accordance with them.


Q4. Volume discounts Do you receive.

A4. Yes.Depending on the project, but since when the volume is large, we will also consider volume discount, for more information please contact your sales representative.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions - Language and Services]

Q1. I are dealing with what words of translation or.

A3.  Japanese from English, the English from Japanese to the main, German, Spanish, French, European languages ​​such as Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Asian languages ​​such as Vietnamese and Chinese (simplified and traditional, Chinese), we handle more than 50 languages, including Korean.

For more details on the supported languages,Click herePlease refer to the.

Also, since the content that is not listed there is a case that can be supported, please contact us for more information to the sales representative.


Q2. Can you corresponding to the print product catalog.

A2. Yes, of course we correspond.Catalog, public relations magazine, printing of PR tools such as About Us Please leave.

For more informationClick hereOr visit, please contact your sales representative.



Q3. Can you support from movie making to dubbing.

A3.  Yes. It is possible.Entrusted the English version of the material, we will create a Japanese version of the video.As well as subtitling, blowing of narration is also supported.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

FAQ - quality and work processes Hen

Q1. The quality of the finish is the worry.In advance Can you translate to try only a part.

A1.  Yes.Since I am allowed to submit a trial translation free of charge, please do not hesitate to take advantage of us.

Because there are times when you do not have some support, more information please contact your sales representative.


Q2. External information but is the document that trouble Once leaked, confidentiality or would be all right.

A2. We have obtained the ISO27001 (ISMS) certification.In addition, we are allowed to the customer and the large number of dealings severe IT industry security requirements.

Server room of surveillance cameras other, we will correspond with the actual data and thorough security system even when the file of exchange.

In addition, we signed all registered translators and basic contract that includes a confidentiality clause.Of course, we will be entered into a confidentiality agreement in between you.

Conclusion of confidentiality agreement, please contact us for more information to the sales representative.

Q3. When you use the translation support software, I've heard that reduction of the translation cost is possible.Correspondence is possible either.

A1.  Yes. It is possible.However, the effect will vary depending on the type and conditions of the document.

Assisted translation (CAT) in addition to the tools, we will also suggest whether the use of the translation management system is appropriate.If you wish, please contact your sales representative.

List of the corresponding proven rich set of tools / systems in our company are as follows.

memoQ / memo Q server
Across server
XTM cloud

Q4. The adaptable software application, is there any such thing either.

A4. Microsoft Corporation, supports Adobe's various application, the authoring tool.Corresponding achievements for rich applications in the CompanyClick herePlease visit or contact your sales representative.

Q5. In the case of regularly revised manuals translated, do you re-translate all every time.

A5.  If you get your request continuously, history management of the document, please leave it to us.

Revised performs a check of the required part, to translate only relevant location, to complete the revision.

If the revision of the past to the translated document, it may correspond by the difference translation also available.

The difference translation takes the difference between the locations of revisions of the previous version and the new version in a sentence unit, by carrying out the work of the place there is a change in the newly added part or sentence, enables cost reduction.

Q6. Please give me and I'd like to, but a large amount of translation in a hurry, do you divide the translation to some of the translator.

A6. Yes, If we receive your request a large amount of documents in a hurry, you may have more than one translator is done by dividing the work.

If that delivery time is the highest priority, it is also possible that I am allowed to propose, including machine translation and post-editing in accordance with the contents of the document in question.

However, if the risk to the realization of a quality that customers' demand has been determined to be high, so you may be unable redeem your request, please contact us for more information to the sales representative.

Q7. I have the technical documentation and marketing documents requested in a separate translation company, but in trouble can not unification of terms and phrases.

A5. In our company, with respect to technical documentation and marketing document, we are a team organized by type.As a result, it has become possible to correspond to various types of documents.

In addition, from the schedule management of large numbers and emergency of translation projects, terminology, quality management, history management, to data management, it supports without troubling the customers of your hand.

Since I am allowed to correspondence with the appropriate team on a case-by-case basis, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

FAQ - Staffing Services]

Q1. I want you to dispatch an interpreter.

A1.  Yes, of course we correspond.Interpreter should by all means ordering the occasion required.

For more informationClick hereOr visit, please contact your sales representative.

Q2. Is it possible to dispatch of the house translators.

A2. Yes. It is possible.Depending on the type of industry and documents, we will send the best translator.

For more informationClick herePlease visit or contact your sales representative.

Q1. Although I would like to the management of company-wide in-house translation documents, be asked to the dispatch of personnel, Is it possible.

A3.  Yes, you can dispatch of the person in charge of coordination work.Adjustment of the translation schedule, selection of translation projects, management of various documents, such as, it is allowed to wide range.

As a result, other than the direct person in charge, will also be eliminated situations, such as that the storage location and the latest data of the data do not know any of the.

Q4. Kawamura International dispatch business is, What are the features.

A4. By translators and coordination business personnel to work in your house, along with the more closely the information is shared, industry, products, knowledge will continue to be accumulated for the service.

As a result, communication between you and KI becomes more smoothly, it allows you to offer better service.

In addition, if the only house translators correspondence is not in time, but I am allowed to correspond with the usual translation services, even at that time, we can respond in accordance with the more customer's request.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.