XMAT – Making Machine Translation Simpler and Easier

XMAT® (transmat) is a fully flat-rate machine translation platform that allows single users to use it for 5,500 yen a month with no character count restrictions. In addition to corporate customers, it’s also available for individual users.

The three characteristics that make XMAT® unique

Quick MT
- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, and image files can all be translated while retaining their original layouts
- It’s possible to select multiple translation engines which include DeepL, GoogleTranslate, and Kawamura NMT powered by NICT
Quick PE
- Efficiently correct machine translation results – not only can you edit the translated sentences, you can also edit the original sentences and check the machine translation results as you do
LAC (Language Asset Creator)*
- Customizing the engine yourself – specialized programming knowledge is completely unnecessary
*This is a paid option.

Read the manga showing how you can break through the barriers of creating a customized engine!

(Follow the numbers in the manga along with the English translation below!)

  1. This is the office of ABC Inc. that sells manufacturing equipment from overseas.
  2. Sasaki works here and translates equipment manuals into different languages everyday.
  1. “Machine translation (MT) is convenient but it’s not perfect...”
  2. “Have to make sure it suits our corporate language...”
  3. “This word is not correct...”
  4. “Wait, grammar is wrong here...”
  5. “Ah, this phrase is a bit off...”
  6. “Oh no, how much do I have to revise this thing?”
  1. “It seems like I’m doing the same revisions every time. Wish we had our own MT engine...”
  2. “Hmm, maybe I’ll do some research.”
  1. And so, Sasaki searches on the internet.
  2. He learns that you can train an AI and create your own MT engine.
  3. “This solves everything!”
  1. (Robot voice) “Please provide the training data for your translation.”
  2. “Data? I only have data from this past year when I started translating our material.”
  3. (Robot voice) “Data is insufficient.”
  4. “Really? What if we create additional data to make it work? How much will it cost...?”
  5. (Robot voice) “It will cost $30K.”
  1. “What... why is it so expensive?”
  2. (Robot voice) “We can try at another time.”
  3. “Not enough money, not enough data... I guess I have to keep doing the same work.”
  4. “Wait a minute!”
  1. “XMAT (transmat) can solve your problem.”
  1. “But I want our own MT at a low cost. Is that possible?”
  2. “Of course! XMAT can use your company’s internal documents and automatically create training data to customize the engine. You don’t even need an engineer, and no prep time is necessary.”
  3. “That is why XMAT can create your original engine at a low cost.”
  4. “And how much is it...?”
  1. XMAT Overview
  • Flat monthly rate!*
  • Unlimited MT!
  • No minimum users, starting from 1 user!

*9,900 yen/mo. per user. Additional charges may apply depending on the AI selected for training.

  1. Other features of XMAT
  • Built-in automatic verification function
  • Multiple MT engines to select from
  • Easy-to-use simple interface
  1. “With a monthly flat rate, I don’t have to worry about cost. I’m going to start right away!”
  1. After signing up for XMAT
  2. “Look at this, I don’t have to change the same word anymore! And the automatic verification function really cuts down the workload of checking the output.”
  1. “I can’t believe I get the translation done by just uploading the data.”
  1. “XMAT is great for any size or type of team. Everyone can use it easily."