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Everything from ABAP based applications to training materials

SAP Translation Services
SAP’s software solutions integrate core business processes of your company. To localize their content, it requires the understanding of HR, finance, and logistics along with a general knowledge of ICT platforms. It is easy to say but is actually difficult to find competent translators who can cover all of these fields. But there is nothing to worry – at Kawamura, we host a pool of translators dedicated to each field, and with our experienced project managers, we work on localization projects as a team. That is why Kawamura is a one-stop shop for SAP translations.

- Need translations for customized add-ons?
- Need multilingual translations for Fiori web applications?
- Want to translate specifications for developers at a reasonable cost?
- Need translations for training materials?
- Want to work with a team of translators who fully understand SAP software?

Reach out to us if you’re looking for these solutions. We can help you!

Choosing a reliable partner
Kawamura is a certified SAP Language Service Partner and has received numerous awards while collaborating with SAP for more than a decade. You can count on us to serve as your partner to support all of your SAP localization needs from ABAP based applications to training materials. Combining our localization experience with the latest technology of SAP Translation Hub and SAP Cloud Platform, we'll take care of your project with the most efficient and best options available.

Kawamura’s SAP Translation Services

Highly experienced team
Kawamura hosts the largest pool of translators dedicated to SAP translation in Japan and has been working on localization projects following the road map of SAP products throughout the years. Working with dedicated linguists for more than a decade, Kawamura has built a team of experts by continuous training, enabling its service to support more than 1,000 SAP projects a year.

Our SAP localization projects include:

ECC 500 (SAP ECC 5.0)
ECC 600 (SAP ECC 6.0)
EHP/ERP Infinity
Business ByDesign
Mobile Application
Solution Manager
SAP Business Objects(BI)

Marketing and sales documents
SAP notes and security notes
Product guides
Fiori UI
Help documents
Training materials
User support document

The first SAP Language Service Partner in Asia
Kawamura is the first language service provider in Asia to be certified as an SAP Language Service Partner in 2008. In the following year of 2009, Kawamura had the honor of receiving the Partner of the Year award and has been an official partner of SAP since for more than a decade.

Partner of the Year (2009)
Partner Recognition award (2011)
SLS Capability & Knowledge award (2018)

Taking care of everything from ABAP system setup to multilingual translations
There are SAP certified partners all around the world. Kawamura is among the 10 Language Service Partners and Language Consultancy partners of major languages that jointly established ASAP Globalizers GmbH (ASAPG) in 2014. Through this joint venture company, partners share consistent quality and standardized processes. As a team, we take care of everything your multilingual localization project needs from the setup to delivery of the ABAP translation system.

Efficient workflow using SAP Translation Hub
Kawamura is the first SAP Language Service Partner in Japan to implement SAP Translation Hub. This machine translation technology dedicated to SAP translation opens the door for various options even if your project has a tight schedule or budget. At Kawamura, we incorporate SAP Translation Hub according to the document type and characteristics. With its accurate translation output along with our post-editing services that improve quality, we can deliver your project with less time and cost.