Life Sciences Translations

Reliable service from a dedicated team

Accuracy and expertise
Accuracy and expertise are both essential qualities in life sciences translation services. At Kawamura, we have a dedicated team that is able to cover all areas, including medical devices, pharmaceutical, and biotech. From development to the launch and post-marketing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and any other healthcare products or services you may have, we’ll handle your translation needs.

Choosing a reliable partner
Kawamura works not only with businesses, but also with research institutions, hospitals, and care facilities. In 2013, we established a team dedicated to life sciences translations and we’ve been serving our customers since then. You can count on us to work as a partner that will support your translation projects.

Our projects include:

Clinical trial documents
Regulatory registration and application documents
Pharmacovigilance documents
Package inserts
IFU (Instructions for Use) for medical devices, etc.

With various content types including:

Websites, videos, marketing materials, product brochures, and documents for non-English speaking patients or staff in healthcare settings

Kawamura’s Life Sciences Translation Services

Dedicated team
Kawamura has a team dedicated to life sciences translations. Our experienced translators and reviewers work with members who have a pharmaceutical background, which allows us to provide reliable and professional translation services. We are also ISO-certified for translation in the medical field (ISO17100), and use an established quality assurance method compliant with that standard in the handling of projects.

Technology-driven approach
Kawamura leads translation in Japan through our incorporation of the latest technologies into our translation process. From common computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to our inhouse engineers who have localization expertise, our technology-driven approach allows us to efficiently offer quality translation services. Whether we’re approaching long-standing translation quality issues or improving turnaround time, we’re able to propose the best solutions for your translation projects.
We’re also experts in machine translation that utilizes post-editing services, and we’re able to provide different levels of service according to your requests. If you prefer to take care of the work yourself, we offer machine translation subscription services, as well. Our services were designed with business use in mind, providing a secure environment where companies can feel at ease in handling their confidential data with machine translation.

Global network covering all languages
Kawamura has a global network that is built on years of experience and trust. With a basic framework, that has our subsidiary in Hong Kong handling Asian languages and our group company in Germany handling European languages, we’re able to offer a robust quality assurance system that is organization-wide. This is what sets us apart from other agencies that only work with sole proprietors and freelancers on a project-by-project basis.

Information security
Kawamura has been ISO27001-certified since 2012, implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is compliant with the requirements of that standard. We believe that nothing can be done without secure data management. In addition, we’re happy to fulfill any other requirements, such as the signing of NDAs, that you deem necessary to work with us.

Projects That We Handle

For private sector:
CTD and eCTD
Clinical and non-clinical study protocol and report
Investigator's brochure
Informed consent form
Case report
Package inserts
Documents for inspection and audit preparation (line lists, overview charts, etc.)
FDA response letters
Assessment report
Adverse event report
Validation and verification report
Medical device IFU (Instructions for Use)
Specification (products, raw materials, consumables)
CoA, CoC
User instructions for instruments, equipment, utilities, etc.
Batch records, analytical records and worksheets
Raw data records (including those written by hand)
Marketing materials and website content

For public sector healthcare organizations and institutions:
Documents, brochures, and consent forms for non-English speaking patients
Research papers
User instructions for imported items
Documents for non-English speaking staff
Laws, regulations, and guidelines


Q. Can you translate scanned PDFs and handwritten documents?

A. Yes, we can work with scanned PDFs and handwritten documents. For PDFs, we use optical character recognition (OCR) technology and other engineering technologies, which allows us to process and translate your files in a timely manner.