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従来の手法では、数週間~数か月かかっていた多言語Webサイト制作も、 WebリンガルPLUSなら、数日以内での公開が可能です。

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5,000 yen per month -




Web-lingual PLUS is, supports the following major languages.

Since also customize for other languages ​​are available, please feel free to tell us.



Simplified Chinese)

Traditional Chinese)










Web-lingual PLUS is the solution to multi-language the Web site by using a proxy server.
Unlike traditional Web site translation, to analyze the site content on the proxy server, create a dictionary data (translation memory), and multi-language of each content.Rebuild or coding of the for multi-language version of the content, of course, does not need you provide the source data.In addition, since it is equipped with automatically identify the function of the update location to the Web-lingual PLUS, you can respond smoothly to change the content.

The first time introduced

When the content changes

Peace of mind

In the modern information society, Web site is not an exaggeration to say that the "company of the face".
It is cheap and it faster is a machine translation solutions advantages, depending on the structure and content of the site, there is also a case of sufficient quality does not come out.
So that such "fail Translation" is not published, the Web-lingual PLUS, we conduct a quantitative test that is based on your own criteria.
If it became a result of the inspection "fail", as an optional service, also offers post-editing by professional calibration in charge of.

Low price


The basic service price

1 language

(English, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish

, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)

5,000 yen / month (up to 10,000PV)

* It is also available in languages ​​other than the above.Please contact us.

* Minimum contract period:Three months

* Monthly access number is the number of access on the proxy server of the Web-lingual PLUS.

Not the same as the number of accesses to the original site.

Set pricing

Asian 3

(English, Chinese and Korean)       
10,000 yen / month (up to 30,000PV)

Euro 6

(Germany French English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)

20,000 yen / month (up to 60,000PV)


Additional PV

10,001PV ~ 50,000PV                 10,000 yen / month

*    Please contact us if you access more than 50,000PV is expected.


Optional service prices

option cost Remarks

Translation check


4 yen / character -

※ depends on the target language.                            
A translation that has been created by the machine translation is a service that a professional proofreader to check and correct.
Professional translation

10 yen / character -

※ depends on the target language.
Without the use of machine translation, professional translators and proofreaders will do the work.
Image data translation 1,000 yen / point - Based on the image data of the original, to create the image data of a multi-language version.


5,000 yen / time -

※ pre-quote

Translation-related consultation, the application of SSL, etc.


20,000 yen / time -

※ pre-quote
Such as customizing the specific language page

※ Prices are subject to change without notice.

Implementation examples


Multi-lingual Web site, which was renewed two years ago

Opportunity of introduction

From the fact that foreign users has increased, was looking for whether there is no good way to multi-language Web sites, to know that you can multi-lingual without modifying the existing home page if Web-lingual, introduction It was decided.


English / Chinese


Web-lingual PLUS

Deliver your website to 7 billion people in the world. Request the document and learn more about this easy, low-cost, quick multi-language translation solution.
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This document provides the following information.

  • Five features of Web-lingual PLUS
  • Additional services other than machine translation

Document requests from competitors or freelance translators may be subject to denial. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.