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Eternal Language: Vietnamese

The official language of Vietnam, of course Vietnamese.
In the words of Kinh is the majority of people, there are currently about 70 million speakers.
There is also that it is composed of long Land, in a vertical, northern, central, have been a different dialect is used, respectively in the south.
The northern part of the words that capital Hanoi is located has been the standard language, but from very different, it is the words and pronunciation to be used by area, you may also you need an interpreter between the same Vietnamese speaker.
In addition, from its complex historical background, there is also what has been much to the influence of the United States, Europe and China, such as other countries of the word, and other Southeast Asian countries will have a completely different language system.

Words fact that familiar to Japanese

Simple grammar
Tense and person in Japanese and English, by the singular-plural, but involves the inflections of the word, not the that the word itself is changed Vietnamese.
Past, present and future by a change in word order, and can represent a person difference.

Tone marks and alphabet
Thai Siamese character, Burmese Burmese character, Laos of Lao character.
It is often the words that use special characters in Southeast Asia, English similar to the Vietnamese, the alphabet is used.
F, J, W, not Z is used, is surprising that D is present two types from the point of view of pronunciation, is exactly the same as the English.
Because the same is denoted with a tone marks in such a manner that the Thai, looks at first glance very complex words, but in fact you of one of the easily recognized word for us Japanese.

Once upon a time was a Chinese characters
It is currently is Vietnamese, which is in alphabetical, in fact, in the language of Chinese origin, the old days as well as China and Japan, had been written in Chinese characters.
Long time ago, because it was the dominant region of China, at the time of Vietnam is the notation by the Chinese characters has been adopted.
The one from the remnants, the words of the pronunciation similar to the Japanese of the same Chinese characters there will be many.

Chữ nôm
It is the Vietnamese of Chinese origin, but in the 11th century has been developed a unique character named "chữ nôm".
However, since the writing system it has been difficult is very complex and learn, it seems did not Hiromara much.
Because words, but I was useless or too difficult.

Vietnam orthography (Chu Kwok Ngu)
Then, in the late 19th century, from the time that came under French rule, greatly influenced by Western culture, at the time of the 1945 Vietnam independence, the current notation (Kuokkugu) has been established as a national language.
At the time of the President, by the Ho Chi Minh president, in order to improve the literacy rate, established that the official notation in the alphabet was issued.
Referred to as the "orthography = Chu Kwok Ngu" the current notation plus the tone marks to the official notation.

Notes on the translation

Thousands separator
When representing the number of digits of the thousand and one million such numbers, in Japan and the United States, ", (= comma)," but is used in Vietnam that has been greatly influenced by the French culture, ". (= Period)." you used.
On the contrary, when representing the decimal point, whereas the use of ". (= Period)" in Japan, Europe and the United States, in the Vietnamese ", (= comma)" will be used.

  Decimal point Thousands separator
English 1.0    1,000 
Vietnamese 1,0 1,000


Transliteration notation
In general, when you translate the proper nouns, such as names and place names, rather than the meaning of the word, and translation based on the reading (sound).
This is the same even in the Vietnamese translation, but even in the same word, by the northern, central and southern dialect, different pronunciation.
If the official document and the general document, there is no problem Based on the pronunciation of the north (Hanoi) is a standard language, is such as advertising statements of a particular region, it's best to translation in accordance with the pronunciation of the area.

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