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Quality Control at Kawamura International

Unique System Using Statistical Quality Control

1. Error-free translation
2. Translation products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers
3. Smooth processes from order to delivery

At KI, we believe that these three things are what our customers expect as a "high-quality" translation service and represent the value that we deliver as a translation company. Our unique quality control system, known as TAFT, aims to provide this value by interlinking our quality evaluation model, translation quality function development, and project management quality function development.

We aim to provide translation services that ensure total customer satisfaction by further adding ISMS, a system to securely handle our customers' information.

Areas of Expertise

IT / Software

KI provides a broad range of services that meet customers' needs in areas ranging from online/offline document translation to multi-language internationalization, localization, and testing for software.

- UI localization / internationalization
- Testing (actual / virtual environment)
- Online help / UA document
- e-learning localization
- Training materials
- Service manual
- Specification / Other technical documents
- Marketing materials

Medical Devices / Pharmaceuticals

KI has an established team that accommodates the expertise of pharmaceutical translation.
In addition, we utilize the know-how and technology from our rich experience in the IT field and combine statistical quality control.
We can also provide a post-translation review by medical professionals.

- Regulatory application document
(protocol, investigator's brochure, CTD compliant document, various related literature, attached document, etc.)
- Safety PMS, adverse event information (CIOMS)
- Medical equipment manuals
- Medical equipment marketing document
- Data management system
- Hospital management system related documents


In order to respond to the rapidly increasing inbound tourism demands, KI can take on high-volume translation by either human translation or machine translation & post-editing, depending on its usage.

We also provide an automation tool for building multilingual websites and QR Translator.

- Print collateral for tourists
(flyers, brochures, posters, etc.)
- Digital contents used at tourist sites
 (video, QR code, voice translation, etc.)
- Hotel booking sites
- EC sites for international customers


From end user manuals that require a high degree of quality to more casually used manuals for staff or technicians, we provide manual creation services optimized to meet your needs.

We take pride in being able to make proposals that flexibly meet a wide range of our customers' needs concerning scale, deadline, quality, cost, and other factors.

- Instruction manuals
- User manuals
- Service manuals
- ISO-related quality manuals / application documents
- Built-in UI & UA
- Work instructions
- Technical papers
- Product specifications / Delivery specification
- Data sheet / Technical publications / White paper
- Training materials
- Catalog / Publicity materials / Website

Finance / Business / Legal

We offer services that match the needs from high-quality documents prepared for customers, shareholders or end users to in-house documents in which cost is prioritized over quality.

We take pride in being able to make proposals that flexibly meet a wide range of our customers' needs concerning scale, deadline, quality, cost, and other factors.

- Catalog
- Presentation documents
- Success stories
- Company profile
- Corporate magazines
- Press releases / Newsletters
- Website
- Meeting agendas / minutes
- Reports / Application forms
- HR and administration documents
- IR related documents / Finance / Insurance (document, system)
- Contracts, litigation-related documents

SAP-related Documents

We can provide services for materials, such as UI, training materials, and user manuals, necessary for introducing the SAP ERP system which require consistent terminology with the system.

We became the first certified SAP partner in Japan and the first in Asia to receive the SAP Partner of the Year Award.

- System user interface
- Instruction manuals
- User manuals
- Built-in UI & UA
- Work instructions
- Product specifications / Data sheet
- Training Materials
- Publicity materials
- Website
- Help documents


We can provide translation services for 40+ languages.

Southeast Asia

Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese







Northern Europe

Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish

Eastern Europe

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian

Native Check, Editing & Proofreading

We have a wide range of options to choose from.

◆ Native Check
A native speaker of the language will review the material to check for any errors in grammar, etc.

◆ Bilingual Review
By comparing the source and target text, the reviewer will check for mistranslations or missing content.

◆ Japanese Editing Service
This service is a monolingual review focusing on readability to make the finished product read naturally.

◆ Multi-language Evaluation / Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) 
An evaluation will be performed on all or part of a document translated into multiple languages to check if it is translated correctly.

◆ Subject Matter Expert Check
An evaluation of documents performed by subject matter experts such as IT technicians specializing in databases or networks. Other possibilities include verification by a medical professional and legal document review.

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