Translation Platforms

Translation Designer

This is our new service that launched in January 2018.

In addition to standard features such as translation memories and terminology lists, you can use multiple machine translation engines.

This is an innovative service platform that enables you to not only translate but also request post-editing services whenever needed.

Web-lingual PLUS

Web-lingual PLUS is a solution to provide multi-language translation for your website using a proxy server.

Unlike the traditional website translation, it analyzes the site content on a proxy server, creates a dictionary data (translation memory), and translates the content into multiple languages.

There is no need for rebuilding or coding the multi-language content, or providing the source data.

Translation Blog

Auto-translation for All (Commercial Version)




Topic1 みんなで活用 商用版
Topic2 みんなが納得 3つの特長
Topic3 みんなの悩み 解決します
Topic4 価格表&有料オプション


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