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Overview and industry needs of English you want to know

The most familiar foreign language is English for the Japanese.However, it is the United States English the Japanese to study at school.American English and British English, such as the writing of pronunciation, word spelling and sentence may be different things.We Japanese have studied English for many years, but I think we know very little about the needs of English as a country and language that English is used.It introduces you to the industry that there is a summary and English of the needs of English.

Features of English should be holding

English is the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, in addition, such as Australia, South Africa and the Philippines, language, which is also used in Singapore.

In many languages ​​of the speaker to the next of the Chinese, people who use English in the world has been and are about 335 million people.The English speaker is large, it is the reason that the UK until the mid-20th century had a large number of colonies around the world.Because the United States is a country that was founded at the heart immigrants from the United Kingdom, speaking English will be natural.

Alphabet that make up the English in 26 letters, because it has a multiple of pronunciation by a combination of grammar structure is a simple thing, is the discrepancy is large language of spelling and pronunciation.English is a feature that comes verb towards the sentence at the beginning.Or listen to the end, unlike the read Dari and Japanese do not know if, even you can see from the structure it is a language that is clear.

In English there is British English and American English, there are those that have a completely different designation.Particular attention is necessary is a hierarchical representation of the building.Because there is a difference by each of history and national character, the target even in the same English you need to be aware of a strong someone.British English and American English confusion is not a quality is good.

From the professional thing to B to C

It is said that from now on there is a need to cope with multi-language other than English.However, state-of-the-art technology and it is the English-speaking onset, since the number of documents such as research papers also include the English overwhelmingly larger than that of the other languages, it will not be reduced needs of English.

From the fact that with the globalization has become too common overseas expansion of Japanese companies, there is a growing translation needs, such as a manual of educational materials and products of the local staff.It is a specialized field and there are many needs, such as patent translation and pharmaceutical translation.In addition, in recent years also anticipation of the Olympic Games demand, inbound demand and so-called visit to Japan for tourists, is also characterized in that the translation demand in the B to C projects such as the company's home page has increased.The most common among the Japanese translator is a translator between English.

Japanese and English because there is a big difference in cultural as well as the structure of the language, it is important to be able to firmly understand the contents of the subject of the document, not only in the English translation English Sunday, and the day is fluent in the language .There are many technical content and unique case that is required, such as wording.When you use a translation service, let's check whether there is expertise in the field you want to use.

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