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Words that has undergone its own development: Thai

In Southeast Asia, not subject to colonial rule from only Europe and the United States, has been built up a history of the monarchy country.
It is Thailand.
Despite the Rikutsuzuki the neighboring countries, we have developed a unique culture and language.
It is the ASEAN's central countries, along with Singapore, has a leadership role as a coordinator in the trade and terms of trade, especially in the Mekong economies of ASEAN north.
Trade with Japan is also thriving, many Japanese companies, we have to expand the factory and dealers in Thailand as a base for ASEAN business.

Since the English penetration rate is not so high, to do business in Thailand, it is essential to communicate in Thai.
Learning compared to the English and Chinese are said to be difficult, we will introduce the features of the Thai, the notes of the translation character.

Special characters and the tone

Characters such as symbols

Thai is written in the special character of "sham character (or Thai characters)", it consists of three elements: consonant-vowel-tone marks.
One of the characters, such as Japanese and Chinese not been independent, because it is not separated by a space for each word as English, handling of on the computer will say that very difficult language.


Thai as well as Chinese, is a word with a "tone change".
There are roughly divided into five tones, but a mistake in this tone, there may become a completely different meaning, you must be careful.

  1. Hyosho:And flat uttered without the intonation at the height of the normal voice
  2. low voice:And flat uttered without the intonation in a low voice
  3. Lower voice:Say by a stretch down from the high tone
  4. High voice:Say keeping a high tone to the end
  5. Josei:It increased from a low tone, and ends with a high tone

Tone marks
Also it will be referred to around the character the words of tone (Reading) in the Thai language.
This is what is referred to as a tone marks, or to pronounce raise the endings when emitted in voice, shows how to pronounce down.

Notes on the translation

Tone marks error
It is a word that means "Japanese", "ภาษา ญี่ปุ่น" in Thai, but with a tone marks above and below the character.
The tone symbol has a very difficult handling on the computer, depending on the software and fonts you may inadvertently moved to the position the wrong symbols by simply copying the characters.
In the local has been referred to as the "Wan'nayukku Loy", you must be careful, especially when performing the DTP work using Adobe-based software.


New line position error
In general, when you translate the Japanese into a foreign language, you tend to sentence becomes longer.
By replacing the "hiragana" to "Kanji" in Japanese, a sentence (or word) of you can shorten the length of itself, but it does not go so in a language that does not have a multiple of notation.
From Japanese to Thai translation is also similar, is often the length of the translation becomes longer than the original.
In this case, it may if you separate them the sentence in an appropriate place, but in the case of Thai no less likely to cause accidental "position to break".
Thai also is just as common to punctuate every word with the English and French, but it does not put a space between the words.
In addition, for each one of the characters, such as Japanese and Chinese are not independent (character = vowel + consonant + tone marks), there is a risk that destroy the character and wrong position.

It may be hard to understand at first glance, but you have to meaningless sentences for native.

Buddha history notation
As "the Japanese calendar (Heisei, Showa)" is used in Japan, has been widely used is "Buddha history" than "year" in Thailand.
Because of the large numbers compared to the "year", not a will at first glance a little surprised mistake.
"Buddha history" will be the number obtained by adding 543 years to the "AD".
Thailand character representation of numbers
So that there is to use the "Chinese numeral" in Japanese, you might want to express the numbers in the "sham character" in Thai.
When being used in the middle of the document, it appears to have gone missing at first glance numbers, but not a mistake.


The first time of the translation



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