Translation Designer Terms of Use

Thank you for using the translation designer.

Translation designer, you will be provided only those who agree to here "translation designer Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms").


Article 1 (Term Definition)

Definition of terms used in this Agreement shall be as follows.

(1) "Company":Kawamura International Co., Ltd., a management entity of this service

(2) the "Service":We provide translation platform Translation Designer (translation designer), and Translation contains "order option" as provided in the Designer.

(3) "contractor":Corporations and organizations that have contracted this service (including use by trial)

(4) "registered users":Officers and employees of the contractor, one of the officers and employees and other stakeholders of the subscribers of affiliated companies, natural persons who account registered to this service

(5) "our web site":Following web site operated by the Company management (

(6) "original":Translation previous sentence

(7) "translation result":Sentences or words or the like which is translated by the Service

(8) "translation Modify":The act of the contractor to correct the translation

(9) "translation Modify result":Translation modified document and words, etc.


Article 2 (applied)

1.This Agreement, that defines the rights and obligations relationship between the contractor and the Company regarding the use of the offer conditions and the services of this service for the purpose, any relationship related to the use of this service between the contractor and the Company It will be applied to.

2.Rules for use of the Service which we posted on our web site, and shall constitute a part of this Agreement.

3.And the contents of this Agreement, if the explanation or the like of the present service is different in outside the provisions of the preceding rules and other Terms and Conditions, and shall the provisions of this Agreement are applied in priority.


Article 3 (account registration)

1.Use of the Service who wish to, will apply on top of the correctly described the necessary information to our designated application form.At the time of receipt of the application form by the Company have been made, use agreement for this service between the contractor and the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is satisfied.In addition, account registration is done in every natural person to use this service.

2.If you register for an account, to which is one e-mail address of the account registration matters, (including the mailing list) group e-mail address using the and shall not be.

3.Position as the contractor, or the contractor on the basis of Article 13 is deleted, or all of the provision of the service on the basis of Article 14 there will be effective until the end.

Four.The Contractor shall, if there is a change in the account registration matters, and shall be notified to the Company without delay the change matters in the manner prescribed by the Company.


Article 4 (password)

1.The Contractor shall, at its own responsibility, it is assumed to properly manage and store the password on this service, which was available to third parties, or transfer or you will not be able to lend, and the like.

2.Even if there is a disadvantage to the contractor due to be management or use of the password is incorrect by the contractor, the Company, with respect to subscribers, and shall not be liable.In addition, if the password has occurred damage to the Company by that was used illegally, the contractor, the Company, and shall compensate for the damage.


Article 5 (fee and payment method)

1.The Contractor shall, as consideration for the use of the Service, the usage fee by the Company and payment obligations who have agreed, and shall be paid in the payment method that both have agreed.In addition, expenses related to the payment of the transfer fee, will be borne by the contractor.  

2.Rates and payment method for each use plan of this service is as Attachment.However, in the use or the like of the free trial period and translation design options, if different agreement has been made between the Company and the payment obligation person, and shall the contents of the agreement will be applied in priority.


Article 6 (the number of period of use and users)

1.Minimum usage period of this service, subscribers will be one year from the contract start date of the service as described in the application form.

2.If there is no offer of surrender from both the contractor and the Company until at least 30 days before the contract period end date, this Agreement shall be automatically updated in the effective price at the time, also with the same thereafter.In this case, the new contract period, shall be the same length as the previous contract period.

3.The number of users of this service is the number of users that have been described in the application form (hereinafter referred to as "the available number of users"), the user more than this, you will not be able to use this service.

4.The Contractor shall, through our prescribed procedures, you can change the registered users.

5.If the number of users of this service has exceeded the possible number of users available, the contractor, in accordance with our request, immediately available or to submit to the effect of the application form to add a number of users, it claims overuse minutes It will make a payment for.


Article 7 (limit of use)

1.Unless otherwise specified, the contractor is, you may not be able to use this service to a third party other than the registered users.

2.Unless otherwise specified, the contractor can not be shared with any third party other than the registered password user.


Article 8 (Prohibitions)

Contractor is to use the Service and shall not perform the following actions.

(1) obscenity, gambling, violence, taking advantage of the public order and morals contrary to information such as the atrocities to guide or criminal acts to provide.

(2) Copyright of others, be used to infringe the trademark rights or other rights.

(3) the property of others, of infringement or others of privacy, such as honor, damage of credit, or be used in order to carry out the slander.

(4) sexual, ethnic, it is used to promote racial and other discrimination.

(5) counterfeiting, be used in false or fraudulent act.

(6) fault to or be used for the service with the fear the law.

(7) be used to service the operation of this service it is likely to interfere with the obstructed or our business operations.

(8) Other, be used for the purpose that the Company deems inappropriate.


Article 9 (of this service stops, etc.)

The Company, following if either is, without giving prior notice to the contractor, all of this service or you assume that a part of the offer can be stopped or suspended.The Company, registered by the stop or suspend the services under this section the user, for the damages caused to the corporation, such as the contractor or a third party, does not assume any responsibility.

(1) If an emergency to carry out the maintenance and inspection work of the equipment for this service

(2) If a fault occurs in the equipment for this service

(3) earthquake, if you no longer can the administration of this service by force majeure, such as lightning strikes, etc.

(4) Others When the Company and require temporary interruption of operation or technical Uehon service determines


Article 10 (management responsibility of such data)

Our company, such as the translation correction results by the contractor, for the various registration data, and shall be strictly controlled with the duty of care of a good manager.In addition, the Company loss of unauthorized access or data, destruction, alteration, and with the appropriate safety measures ones so that the leakage or the like does not occur.


Article 11 (personal information)

Personal information about new subscribers that we have acquired Upon provision of the services will be handled in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" of the Company.


Article 12 (Handling of vesting and translated information)

1.The copyright of this service, intellectual property rights such as know-how, unless you are specifically displayed, the property of the Company or Hachiraku Corporation.

2.The Contractor shall, some or all of the data that has been provided in advance in this service, copy to a third party other than the purpose of use in the self, it must not be distributed or reserved.

3.Copyright of the translation correction results are the property of the contractor.The Contractor shall, for the translation Modify a result, the Company, grants you the non-exclusive right to use.

4.The Contractor shall, for the translation Modify a result, for the person who has succeeded or license the rights from the Company and the Company, you agree not to exercise the moral rights.

5.It will not be disclosed and sharing to allow third parties without the contract's translation Modify result.


Article 13 (the end of the contract)

2.The Contractor shall, by notice to the Company at our predetermined method, to unsubscribe from this service, you can erase all of the account registration.With the cancellation of all of the account registration, use of the Service Agreement will terminate.


(1) failure to comply with any of the Terms

(2) When that there is a false fact was found in the registration information

(3) Payment of the stop, or bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation proceedings, if there is a petition for corporate reorganization proceedings or commencement of special liquidation

(4) when receiving a trading suspension of the clearing house

(5) when receiving a complaint of delinquent taxes of provisional seizure, provisional injunction, civil execution and public charges

(6) In addition, if the Company determines that it is not appropriate to continue the use of the Service Agreement

4.The Company does not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the contractor or a third party by the act made by the Company under this section.


Article 14 (the end of the Services)

1.The Company, the Company's convenience, and shall be able to terminate the provision of some or all of the Services to subscribers.

2.The Company, registered users by the act made by the Company under this section, does not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the contractor or a third party.


Article 15 (denial of Disclaimer and guarantee)

1.The Company will make every effort so that the original text is translated correctly, but it does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the translation results.

2.Our company, even if that is responsible to the contractor in connection with the Service, the responsibility for the past six months the registered users or corporations contractor to damages beyond the amount of consideration paid to the Company It does not assume, also, for the ordinary and damages other than direct damages, and shall not be liable to compensate.

3.A result of the contractor has performed the prohibited acts of Article 8, wherein, if the dispute or the like between the contract and a third party occurs, the contractor is intended to solve this problem with their responsibilities, the Company , to the contractor and the third party, it does not assume any responsibility.


Article 16 (Confidentiality)

The Contractor shall, on the Company's learned in the context of the present service technology, the secret on sale on other business, during the life of this service contract to a third party even the well use of the Service Agreement after the end of leakage to and shall not be.


Article 17 (Change of Terms)

1.It, when we deemed necessary, and shall be able to change the contents of this Agreement.

2.If the change of the Terms and Conditions have been made, from the time that we have posted the changes on our web site, it is subject to the contents after the change.


Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

Terms and use of the Service governing law of the contract will be with the Japanese law.Due to this agreement or use of the Service Agreement, or For related of any dispute, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.


Article 19 (consultation)

If a problem occurs between the contract and the Company with respect to the present service, the two sides to discuss in good faith, and shall endeavor to resolve them.


Article 20 (Special Provisions at the time of "order" option available)

1.The Contractor shall, if you entrust to the Company using the "order" option, it shall make an application from the "order" button on our web site.Order contract is established at the time you make a notification to the effect that we have accepted the offer.

2.The Contractor shall, after the establishment of the contract, shall not be able to principle withdraw the application.

3.The Contractor shall, as consideration for the "order" option, a usage fee stipulated in our regulations of the price list, shall be paid separately in accordance with the bill that we be notified.

4.Company, the contract's dedicated page in our web site, at the time you upload a translation result, it is considered to have been delivered.

5.The Company will notify the "delivery date (planned)" of the product after application.The delivery date, which has shown a measure to delivery, for any damage caused to the subscriber or registered user in relation to that which could not be delivered before the delivery date, it does not assume any responsibility.

6.The Contractor shall, if you find a defect of error, such as the delivery has been artifacts, to within one week after business completion of this section Section 4, and shall notify the deficiencies to the Company.If the defect is a defect that was caused by reasons attributable to our responsibility, the Company, and shall fix the translation results.In addition, modified by subsequent notification shall not in principle carried out.

7.It shall be able to re-entrust all or part of the consignment has been "order" option business.


Heisei enacted 30 years January 11, 2011