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KI Interpretation Services

Accompanying Interpreting

For accompanying interpreting, an interpreter accompanies the customer to exhibitions or other such events and provide a less formal style of consecutive interpreting. Another common case will be escorting a group of foreign visitors to factory visits.

Consecutive / Whispered Interpreting

During consecutive interpretation, the speaker will stop from time to time to allow the interpreter to render what was said. Overall, this requires twice the amount of time, but makes it possible for a single interpreter to provide the service to multiple people. For whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits next to the customer and whispers the interpretation simultaneously.

Simultaneous Interpreting

For simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter renders simultaneously what the speaker is saying using interpretation devices. This service requires a special booth to be set up for interpreters and is suited for events such as international conferences and press conferences.

KI Staffing Services


We can send translators to work on site at your office for translating documents that are extremely confidential, better to be processed internally. KI evaluates its linguists with a focus on quality, providing a training environment after joining the company to gain the knowledge required for translation projects and tools.

Project Managers / Coordinators

We staff project managers and coordinators who can oversee translation projects for you. They will manage the project from start to end, including creating projects on CAT tools and assigning to on-site and external translators. At KI, all project managers and coordinators receive the same basic training as linguists, focusing on quality.

On-site Contracting Work

We are capable of not only staffing specific positions but also providing contracting work on site by a team. For this service, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to manage your work. If outsourcing is not possible due to confidentiality considerations, then this is the optimum solution.

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