Translation Service

One of Kawamura International's greatest strengths is its ability to deliver translations undertaken by a team of highly-skilled professionals in areas including IT, healthcare, law, and finance

that combine any of the languages from the more than 40 that we offer.

We can provide stable levels of quality for both long and short term projects with our quality assurance based on statistical quality control methods.

Machine translation support and translation engine sales

Over the course of the last 20 years, KI has experimented with machine translation.

Google Inc., in addition to Microsoft's neural machine translation, the National Research and Development Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) is also involved in the commercial use of "Minna of automatic translation" developed.

In addition, such Globalese that we have exclusive sales, we offer the appropriate machine translation engine, depending on your application.


If you need quality that speed and cost focused machine translation alone cannot provide, this service includes post-machine translation editing by a human.

It is recommended that you use in the document, such as not exposed to the outside, and in some cases, there is also the case that led to the cost reduction of 60% or more.

Interpretation/HR dispatch/subcontracting

Translators who work on-site, project manager, dispatch of personnel specializing in translation, such as coordinator, offers staffing services such as outsourcing of the team.

In addition, we undertake also request a professional interpreter.


When it comes to language, Kawamura International provides all the services you need.

As well as services for document creation including manual creation and printing, we provide a wide range of services such as website creation, video and audio editing, and software testing to meet your needs.

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