Kawamura supports localization, integrating the translation process with your CMS and application development environment

IT & Software Localization

We provide a wide range of services from translation of online and offline documents to software internationalization, localization and testing support for developing multilingual applications.

Projects we handle:

  • User Interface
  • Real Device/Virtual Environment Testing
  • Online Help/UA Documentation
  • eLearning
  • Training Materials
  • Service Manuals
  • Specifications/Technical Documentation
  • Marketing Materials

SAP Translation Services

Kawamura is an official SAP Language Service partner

We support translation for SAP-related content such as UIs, training materials and user manuals that require unification with the system when installing SAP's ERP systems. As the first language service provider in Japan certified by SAP, Kawamura has been cooperating with SAP since 2008.

SAP-related projects we handle:

  • System User Interface
  • Instruction Manual
  • User Manual
  • Embedded UI & UA
  • Work Instructions
  • Product Specifications/Data Sheet
  • Training Materials
  • Public Relations Materials
  • Website
  • Support Documents

Asia's First Official SAP Language Service Partner

Kawamura is the first language service provider in Asia to become an official SAP Language Service partner in 2008. In the following year of 2009, we had the honor of receiving the Partner of the Year award, and have been an official partner of SAP for more than 10 years now.