当社は、日本で最初に認定された翻訳パートナーであり、アジア初のPartner of the Year award を取得しています。

SAP-related documents and Kawamura International

SAP AG is the market leader in enterprise applications, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).Companies of the 365,000 who use the services and applications in countries around the world.Kawamura International is accredited as a Language Partner for the first time from the company in Asia, in 2009 we also won Partner of the Year award.Since been certified as a partner, it continues to be a certified partner of SAP AG between also about 10 years.

The translation of the SAP system in a document of require you to use their own know-how.Translated the text that is referred to as the UI (User Interface) and UA (User assistance) to be displayed in the SAP system, and then translated using the SAP own translation transaction "SE63".In addition, you must have access to terminology management system called Sterm in order to selectively use the terms that are used in the SAP system correctly.Kawamura International, from the era of the ERP system, which was called the R / 3 and ECC, up to the current SAP S / 4 HANA, owns the know-how and experience, which has been translated the UI more than tens of millions of lines .

Corresponding to a variety of documents

System UI / UA

To build SAP's proprietary translation environment, and the translation in the transaction that SE63.

Training Materials

And the translation of the training documents to be generated at the time of the introduction of the system and new applications.

Support document

While checking and system of the UI and the table name and the SAP Notes translation.


Broadly corresponds to the localization of the collateral and videos, such as case studies.


Support the UI translation of self-developed part from scoping to transfer to the system

By using the app4trans, and the special requirements of SAP Customer project, you can eliminate the gap that occurs between the SE63 translation standard environment.

No need to set
Without the need for complicated settings, you can immediately use.

The exact scoping
You can know the exact number of rows by specifying the number of iterations text generated inside.

Reduction of administrative tasks
You can translate without access to the system.

Reduction of cost
By utilizing the translation memory technology and reduce costs.

Quality Management
In cooperation with the state-of-the-art translation tools to manage efficiently the quality.

The translation project to a multilingual one-stop

Our company is a member of ASAP Globalizers maker of multilingual services that are configured with only partner that has received the certification from SAP.Not English ⇔ Japanese only, Chinese, Korean, system translation into major languages ​​in Europe, certified partners will support.It is also a service of the Company's unique to be able to provide such a partner network.


Partner of the Year award

Partner Recognition award winning

SLS Capability & Knowledge award (2018年)



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Ⅶ. お客さまが容易に認識できない方法によって取得する情報について
 お申込みもウェブサイトの一部では、ウェブサイトをお客さまにより便利にご利用いただくために、クッキー(Cookie)*を利用しております。 お客さまは、ウェブブラウザの設定を変更することにより、クッキーの受け取りを拒否し、または、クッキーを受け取った場合に警告を表示させることができます。詳しくは、ご使用のブラウザの説明をご覧ください。しかし、クッキーの受け取りを拒否された場合には、ウェブサイトにて提供する「問い合わせ」サービスの全部または一部がご利用できなくなる場合もございますので、ご了承ください。
クッキー(Cookie)*とは、ウェブサイトを管理するウェブサーバとお客さまのウェブブラウザとの間で相互にやりとりされる情報のことをいいます。クッキーは、お客さまのコンピュータのディスクにファイルとして格納されることがあります。 クッキーをご利用になりますと、ウェブサーバは特定のコンピュータがウェブサイト中のどのページを訪れたか等を記録することが可能となります。但し、お客さまがご自身の個人情報をウェブサイト上で入力されない限り、当社はお客さまを特定、識別することはできません。

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