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Kawamura International Co., Ltd. ("KI") defines its corporate mission as contributing to society by supporting its customers' business through its translation and translation-related services.As such, we have great respect for the value of information assets that we obtain during the course of our work, and based on an awareness that appropriately managing information assets is an important duty in our corporate activities we have always taken it upon ourselves to ensure our information management system is thoroughly implemented.With this in mind, KI has enacted rules regarding the protection of, and established a management framework for, personal information, and has defined a personal information protection policy as detailed below. All of KI's employees have been familiarized with these, and do their utmost to implement appropriate protection of personal information.

1.For personal information handled by the Company's business operations, its contents and scale fully taken into account, and retrieve and use and the provision of appropriate personal information, personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the identified purpose handling is not performed.In addition, we will take the necessary measures for that purpose.

2.In order to protect your personal information, unauthorized access to the information, loss, destruction, it will take tampering, and the prevention and corrective measures the leakage and the like.

3.If you want to entrust the processing of personal information to our partner companies are, in accordance with the selection criteria, will select the partner companies that meet the level of protection of enough personal information.

4.KI will swiftly deal with complaints and inquiries relating to its handling of personal information.

5.When operating a personal information protection management system for the protection of personal information, we will comply with the guidelines and other norms laws and regulations relating to personal information, the country determined.

6.Handling and personal information protection management system of personal information, while taking into account changes such as social conditions environment, continuously review, make the improvement.

Effective Date: November 1, 2012
Last Updated: June 1, 2018

Midori Kawamura, President
Kawamura International Co., Ltd.

For complaints or further inquiries, please contact us at:
Tel: 03-3267-0270

About KI's handling of personal information

I. Usage of personal information The personal information obtained by KI and the way it is used is as described below.

1. Information required when making an inquiry:
(1) To contact you
(2) To provide an appropriate answer to your inquiry
(3) To promote marketing and sales activities

2. Information required from from customer/partner representatives
(1) Information required from from customer/partner representatives
(2) For the marketing and sales promotion

Information required from from individual partners/customers
(1) For business communications, responses, and management relating to the customer/partner
(2) For marketing and sales promotion

4. Information to be submitted by applicants during recruitment
(1) For communication purposes during the recruitment process
(2) For consideration purposes

5. Other personal information required from employees
(1) For management purposes pertaining to procedures for employees
II. Provision of personal information to third parties and purpose of use

Under no circumstances shall KI use personal information with which it is entrusted for purposes other than for those stated or provide the information to third parties without the consent of the relevant individual.

However, personal information maybe used in the following cases without the consent of the individual.

1. If require by law
2. If required to protect the life, person, and assets of the individual (including corporations), and the consent of the individual cannot be obtained
3. If especially required for the purpose of improving public health and safety or for the sound development of a child, and the consent of the individual cannot be obtained
4. If the cooperation of a state agency, local authorities, or an entity that has be subcontracted by either of these is required in the execution of duties stipulated in law, and obtaining the consent of the individual may hinder the execution of the aforementioned duties

III. Personal information in subcontracting

 In some cases, KI subcontracts processing of all or part of the personal information with which it is entrusted for business reasons.In such cases, KI selects subcontractors who are certified as having implemented suitable measures for handling personal information, and in contracts or other such documents specifies requirements for information management, confidentiality maintenance, and the prevention of leakage of personal information in order to ensure the information is managed appropriately.

IV. Freedom to supply personal information and the result of not supplying information

All personal information that KI gathers is supplied in accordance with the relevant individual's intent.However, if we do not receive information that we deem to be necessary, this may hinder our internal procedures or processes regarding the purpose of use as specified in I. above.

V. Disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, halting of use, disposal of, and halting of provision to third parties of personal information

Disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, halting of use, disposal of, and halting of provision to third parties of personal information held by KI is possible upon a request by the relevant individual or an agent acting on their behalf. Please make such requests using the contact details below.If such a request is received, KI shall request documentation for identity verification purposes in order to prevent leakage, rewriting, and other such problems pertaining to personal information, and shall carry out the request as per our own procedures.Personal information subject to disclosure is that which is applicable to points 1 through 5 in I. above.

□ Contact details for requests including notification and disclosure of reasons for usage of personal information, and request method

Please contact KI using the contact details specified below to receive from KI an Request for Notification/Disclosure of Reasons for Use of Personal Information form along with documentation providing a guidance for filling out the form, identity verification documentation required. After filling in the form, please return it to us along with the required documentation.(Please send the completed form and documentation to the address below for making requests for disclosure, etc.) *We request that customers pay for postage costs

Please note that in the following cases, we may not be able to comply with requests for disclosure or other such requests.In such cases, KI shall inform customers of the reason.

• The purpose notify the person, or the person or a third party of life by publishing, body, property if there is a risk of prejudice to the other rights and interests
• The purpose notify the person, or if by publishing there is a risk that prejudice the rights or legitimate interests of the business operator
- in a case where the country of institutions or local governments are required to cooperate with it to carry out the affairs specified by law, to notify the purpose of use to the person, or interfere with the execution of the office by public If there is a possibility on
• If there is likely to cause significant hindrance to the proper implementation of the Company's business
- There is a deficiency in certain documents, etc., if not be corrected even ask you to correct the deficiencies
If it - is a request from the person in question can not be confirmed

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Effective Date: November 1, 2012
Last Updated: June 1, 2018


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