Throughout history, humankind has repeatedly experienced the societal shakeup that technological progress brings.And now it is the turn of artificial intelligence to cause rapid, drastic change in society.The evolution of AI over the past few years has been rapid, and it is said that in 30 years only 10% of the total population will be in work.

One of the industries that will be directly affected by AI is the translation industry.

The performance of machine translation has improved dramatic with the appearance of neural network machine translation.

The future of the translation industry can simply no longer be discussed without mention of machine translation, and as such KI is putting resources into solutions that take advantage of machine translation.

At the same time, we also believe that the need for traditional human translation will not disappear, and thus there will be no change in the focus on quality we have had since our founding.
Midori Kawamura, President
Thanks to the emergence of machine translation that produces good results, it is now possible to translate things that previously couldn't be translated for reasons of time and cost.The quality standards demanded by customers also vary depending on how a translation will be used, and a new field of business known as post-editing has emerged.Demand for post-editing is increasing every year, and the number of projects KI handles in this field is constantly increasing. As a company, we henceforth plan to invest resources in developing post-editors for this field.

The concept behind KI's corporate philosophy is to leverage technology and contribute to our customers' business by providing new language services.

As such, while continuing to place great importance on our conventional translation services, we shall use technology to create new language services.We shall grow alongside our partners, and evolve with the goal of becoming a company that allows its employees to enjoy their work and contribute to our customers' business.


KI Philosophy


To leverage technology and aim to create new language services

in order to contribute to our customers' business



To become a strong, great company that provides fulfillment to its employees and contributes to society




Our six guiding principles

Seek to deliver the solutions demanded by our customers

We aim to provide optimally balanced solutions in terms of quality, cost, and deadline by alwaysstriving to identify our customers' highest priority.

Take on the challenge of change

In the spirit of challenge we shall take a positive approach to new technology and do what we believe is right without fearing change to our traditions.

Always improve

Service quality is not something you can improve in a single day,and as such we have vowed never to neglect our duty to constantly improve ourselves.

Always be professional

We shall always strive to further deepen our knowledge of our trade, so that we can be trusted as specialists and deliver professional services that meet each and every demand our customers may have.

Grow together with our partners

We place great importance on collaborations with partners who we can grow alongside.

Have fun

Ultimately, work should be fun!We will strive to do everything we can to make our workplace an enjoyable one.