Everyone automatic translation @KI (commercial version) Terms and Conditions

Thank you for everyone's automatic translation @KI (commercial version).

Kawamura International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms" hereinafter) with respect to your agreement capped a user, automatic translation service, "Minna automatic translation @KI to provide the Company ( commercial version) "(hereinafter, will license the use of" that the present service ").

Article 1 (License)

This service, received a sign up at the application form as proof the user to agree to the Terms, by which we receive this, non-exclusive license to use the "Services" in accordance with the contents of the Application To do.

2."Service" is, via the Internet from the user application program, and attach the license key and the original text in a predetermined procedure to our translation server sends the translation request, the data in the specified language It is a service that sends back the automatic translation data.

3."Service" is, by using the user code that the Company at the time of your application be issued to the user, it will be able to use the "Service" by access in a way that is specified by the Company.

Article 2 (change the contents of this service)

We are, without a separate agreement with the user, and shall be able to change the contents of the "Service".As well as disadvantages and damage to the user, such as due to the change has occurred, the Company does not assume the responsibility.

Article 3 (Change of Terms of Service)

We are, without the user and of the individual agreement. We may modify this Agreement by notifying the user or the like in a way that notice or our on the "Service" is determined to be appropriate.

Terms of later changes made by the preceding paragraph, unless the Company specifies otherwise, from the time it is displayed in the Web site, etc. operated by the Company, and shall become effective.

Article 4 (use fee)

The user, as the usage fee of the "Service", described in the application form of the "Service" or, the price for the "Services" use period was determined at the time of the separate agreement, until the "Service" available before the start , the agency that the Company or to specify (hereinafter referred to as "distributors") with respect to, and shall pay all at once.However, users and the Company or with respect to payment method, when there is a separate contract between the user and the "dealer" is subject to its provisions.

2.The user, if you even after the contract period to continue using the "Service", a use fee based on the preceding paragraph of the contract period to the Company or "distributor" in until before the contract end date arrives, collectively It shall be paid in.However, the user and the Company, or, between the user and the "distributor", if there is a separate agreement is subject to its provisions.

3.We may revise the fee provisions of the "Service" without obtaining the prior consent of the user.

4.Use fee that the user has paid to the Company or "distributor" when you use the "Service" shall not be returned unless the Company to continue to provide "Service".

5.Company or "distributor" is, if the user failed to pay a usage fee of the "Service", and shall be stopped immediately at any time the "Service" provides to the user.

Article 5 (restriction of rights)

The user, the "Services" by using a third party must not, also, transfer the right to use the "Service" to a third party, lent or sold and shall not be.

Article 6 (use environment)

The user, communication equipment required in order to take advantage of the "Service", software, conclusion of the preparation and line utilization agreement of all of the equipment and other required in association with this, subscribe to Internet connection service, and other necessary the do not prepare for, and shall be carried out at their own expense and responsibility, we will not assume any responsibility.

Article 7 (specification change)

You shall the "Services" specifications for the hardware and software of our system needed to provide can be changed at any time.However, due to the specification change of the "Service", and notifies the user of the user of the "Service" effect of pre-specification changes in the case, such as it affects the use, required for the use of the "Service" It will provide the information to the user.

Article 8 (maintenance)

Our company, as well as provided to the user through the technical information of the "Service" is required when using the "Service" Company or "distributor", response to an inquiry from the user involved in the use of the "Service" also it will make a support to answer free of charge through our or "distributor".

2.The Company and the case where failure occurs in the provision of the "Service", if the "Service" fault etc. in use has received a notification generated from the user, and shall endeavor to promptly investigate the cause and repair.

3.We are, for the user has been translated from the translation original and the original was sent to the "Service" translation, and transmits and receives the information via the SSL communication line, the information is, the period required for the "Service" without saving in the system beyond, it will not use the information for any purpose other than the "service".In addition, you can publish without permission the information of the user, also be shared to a third party, for functional improvement of machine translation engine, nor does it the information the Company to use.

Article 9 (discontinuation, interruption of service)

If the Company the following is true. We may suspend or discontinue the provision of the "Service".

(1) If there are unavoidable circumstances by the maintenance and construction, etc. of the Company's facilities

(2) natural disaster, incident, if the service provided is no longer carried out by a power failure and other force majeure

(3) If the telecommunications operators has stopped telecommunications services

(4) Others, if we determine the required interruption of temporary services

2.Us when to stop or suspend the "Service" is the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph, except in the case of emergency, and shall notify the user in advance to that effect by the method specified by the company.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

Company and "distributor" is, the accuracy of the user "Service" translation results obtained by using, reliability, usefulness, the translation speed in the "Service", other than the operating environment in which the Company has specified including the operability of, and shall not make any warranties with respect to the "service".

2.Company and "distributor", including a case for damages suffered by the user to use the "Services" will not assume any responsibility, also corresponding to Article 9, the "Services" provided by the delay or interruption, for the user damage and damage occurs suffered due to be completed, it shall not be liable even if the Company or "distributor" is foreseen, or was able to foresee will do.

3.Company and "distributor" is, for services or actions which a user carried out using the "Services", also for claims or damage by third parties suffered, from a third party, intentionally or, except in the case of gross negligence, and shall not in any way made the guarantee.

Article 11 (use restrictions)

The user, or less, or described in the application form of the "Service", shall not exceed the use upper limit number of established at the time of a separate contract.

・スタータープラン     自動翻訳処理量上限 500,000文字/月まで

・スモールプラン      自動翻訳処理量上限 3,000,000文字/月まで

・ラージプラン       自動翻訳処理量上限 10,000,000文字/月まで

If it exceeds the upper limit of the automatic translation amount that can be processed one month shall the use of automatic translation in the same month of the user is stopped.In addition, there is that the upper limit is provided on the number of characters per sentence.

Article 12 (Confidentiality)

Company and the users, "Service" of the practice or on the other party of the techniques learned in connection with the use, the secret information on the sale on other business as long as there is no consent of the other party's prior written, to a third party It must not be disclosed or leakage, also be utilized in the practice or non-use purpose of the application of the "service" shall not.However, the Company and the users, for the case to disclose the secret information in writing to the other party, shall display a message indicating a secret on that document, also in the case disclosed to the other party the secret information in the verbal , its contents within 30 days after the disclosure by the oral and written of, will provide to the other party.

Article 13 (Prohibitions)

If the user falls under any of the provisions of the items below, the Company without prior notice, and shall be able to immediately stop the provision of the "Service".

(1) When the act to apply the false contents at the time of information input

(2) the act of interfering with the operation of the "Service", when the fear of acts that interfere in other "Services"

(3) e-mail address, in the case where the act of unauthorized use of the ID and password

(4) another user, a third party, or our rights, benefits, when the impaired honor such acts, or certain of these risk activities

(5) other users, third party, or the Company's trademark, copyright, privacy or other rights of the infringement, or cases where the acts of their fear

(6) act in violation of the act and other laws and regulations that are offensive to public order and morals, or cases where the acts of their fear

(7) If there is a default of payment obligations of charges, etc.

(8) registration information (address, phone number, e-mail) if the contact to could not



By that we ceased to offer the "Service" in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the user will not be able to use the "Service", this also as damage to the user or a third party occurs, we all and it shall not be liable.

Article 14 (management responsibility of the ID and password)

The user, the Company is granted to the user after the application procedure, you must be properly managed for the ID and password.

2 user, share the ID and password with a third party, it will not be able to lend or transferred to a third party.

3 user, if there is a forgetting of the ID and password, you must follow our prescribed procedures.

4 users, in the case where if there is a theft of the ID and password or ID and password has been found to have been used to a third party, together with immediately contact to that effect to the Company, is an instruction from the Company in some cases it will be subject to this.

Article 15 (Governing Law)

Establishment of this Agreement, efficacy, with respect to implementation and interpretation, we assume that Japanese law is applied.

Article 16 (Jurisdiction)

In connection with the "Service", in case the need for litigation or arbitration occurs between the user and the Company, and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

Article 17 (residual clause)

Even if the "Service" use of the user has canceled or terminated, Article 2, Article 5, Article 10, Article 12, and shall not lose its potency.

Article 18 (consultation)

If there is a doubt about the about the set of matters not to the "Terms" on the user's consultation, and shall correspond to the resolution in good faith.


Kawamura International Co., Ltd.