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The industry with an overview and needs of Korean?

Korean, which became a familiar presence in Japan under the influence of the Korean drama and South Korea cosmetics.Character looks difficult, but the pronunciation has been said that one of the easy-to-learn language for the Japanese close to the Japanese.Here, we will introduce through a comparison with the Japanese what kind of language and Korean.In addition, we will look at the industry and its applications in which there is a need for Korean.

Korean similarities with the Japanese often

Korean is primarily the Republic of Korea and the two countries in the current language of the North Korean People's Republic.It has been used even a part of China, home country the United States and Hawaii, Korean speaker and align the people living in Japan is said to have about 75 million people in the world.This number is said to one of the largest language in the world because it is the number of about the same as the Italian and French speakers.

Korean is sometimes described as "Hangul", but Hangul is that the unique character of Korean made in the 15th century.Korean As with Japan, is a language that incorporates the Chinese characters from the Chinese.Japan and the Korean Peninsula since ancient times a flourishing exchange of people, in the Nara period has been handed down Buddhist culture from the Korean Peninsula.During the war from the effects of Japan had ruled, there is also a word that has been incorporated into the Korean from Japan, for larger word meaning in common, it is said that one of the easy-to-learn language for the Japanese.

Word order are also similar, nor does it form of the noun and the verb is deformed by gender and number as Western language.Also in common with the Japanese where there is a complex honorific expression.Pronunciation there is no high and low sounds, such as the Chinese, is relatively flat.Knowing the Korean will be many people notice the similarity of the height of the Japanese.

Needs of Korean, which have increased in the patent-related and tourism industry

Needs of Korean interpreters and translators is growing.It continues to be difficult situation politically, but it will not change the future trend because Japan and Korea from the old days, there is exchange of people.

Needs of Korean, the game industry and electric appliances, has become many in the authentication and patent-related translation of cosmetics related industry.Visit to Japan have accounted for foreigners about 30% of Korean By country is the whole, most often from the fact that going on, in recent years in Japan, the Korean in the tourism industry, such as foreign correspondence of taxi drivers and hotel demand It is growing.Since there are many Koreans can Japanese in Korea, in South Korea side might not so much demand of the Japanese that can Korean.

The language is similar Korean and in Japanese, but the culture and history behind this two languages ​​There is a considerable difference.Intention correctly and business scene that need to tell, in a scene, such as tourism, which fine-tuned response is required, it will be asked to operate correctly understand the differences and cultural background of Japanese and Korean.It is important to choose us translation services to the appropriate response depending on the purpose of use.

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