The main features of Globalese 3

Can be constructed and operated in-house

You can work with the existing translation tools

Inn domain tuning

100% neural machine translation. 100% customizable.

Globalese 3は、自社のネットワーク内で運用が可能なニューラルネット機械翻訳エンジンです。





Can be constructed and operated in-house

Machine translation engine that is provided with such as a search site, feel free to use other hand, because it can not comply with the company-specific, industry-specific phraseology and terminology, not enough to, information disclosure or no worry ....
Globalese 3 that can operate on was installed on their servers to meet the needs saying.
And license plate to be available on the server, depending on the application, please choose one of the rental version to be used under a cloud environment that was built and selected in-house.

Please refer to the following figure server configuration.


•front end
Server Globalese body is installed

The ability to assign training and translation job to the GPU of the back-end machine

• the back-end
Server equipped with a GPU to run the training and translation job

 Contact us for more information about hardware configuration or system requirements, please contact us from below.

You can work with the existing translation tools

Globalese 3 is available standard translation support tool (CAT tool) and cooperation in the industry.In your environment everyday, you can enjoy both the benefits of easy translation memory and machine translation.

Points that can be diverted past translation assets is, the past of the translation results of the CAT tool, by inserting the result of the newly implemented the machine translation in the other point of, to take advantage of your existing assets to maximize I can.

Please refer to the following for a list of translation support tool that supports.


By taking advantage of the newly implemented in domain adaptation function, it is difficult to achieve with conventional neural net machine translation enables tuning.

Unique data to be held in-house be to learn together with the general-purpose data, for such terms and conventions used in the data is to be learned, to construct its own unique machine translation engine You can.

In addition, since it can be implemented if there is an in-domain adaptation 10 million lines of about bilingual data, even to people that bilingual data was not able to take advantage of the machine translation engine is not enough, and easy to use.

Price of Globalese 3

If the license agreement, 1 has become cheaper only available if purchased (minimum configuration) at 105,000 yen and the very of the engine.

(Hardware costs, such as set-up costs and the server you pay to customers)

When you use the Cloud version, per month per engine is ~ 7000 yen.

If a detailed price list of your request, please contact us from the button below.

Globalese 3 Price List Download

Click here to download the price list of the in-domain tuning support of the neural network machine translation engine Globalese

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