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"Quality" of the translation will not be able to speak in the word.

If there also refer to a "criteria" of quality, it may also refer to a "process" and "improvement activities" of production.

In Kawamura International, them the idea and elements that make up overall to the "quality", we have to practice a variety of activities.

Or the translation company is working on are What is a quality management, please take a look If you have any interest.

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  • Five of the things that Kawamura International have practiced
  • Specific activities
  • Customers that would like you to understand
  • Summary

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Agreement regarding personal information obtained during the inquiry

Ⅰ.Administrators on the name and personal information protection of business
 Kawamura International Co., Ltd. protection of personal information management officer 

Ⅱ.Use of personal information
Personal information was acquired hit the contact us Nikanshimasu our business and personal information protection management system, using the following purposes, will not be used for any other purpose.
① To help you properly to answer to your inquiry
② for the marketing and sales promotion

Ⅲ.Third-party offer or purpose outside the use of personal information
Personal information you provide to us is, without obtaining the prior consent of, it does not have to provide to it or a third party handle beyond the scope necessary to achieve the acquisition purpose.
However, personal information maybe used in the following cases without the consent of the individual.
(1) In the case based on the laws and regulations
(2) human life (including a corporation), in a case where there is a need for the protection of health or property, if it is possible to obtain the consent of the person in question is difficult
(3) In the case where there is a particular need for improvement or healthy development promotion of children of public health, if it is possible to obtain the consent of the person in question is difficult
(4) in a case where the national agency or local government or a person to whom the consignment is required to cooperate with it to carry out the affairs specified by law, of the office by obtaining the consent of the person in question If there is a risk that hinder the execution

Ⅳ.Consignment of personal information
It may entrust business operations, all or processing of part of the personal information of the business to the outside.In this case, it is recognized that personal information is properly handled and selected the contractors, negotiate the matters necessary to prevent leakage of personal information due to proper management and confidentiality of personal information in the contract or the like, and appropriate management practices you then.

V.Notification of the purpose of use of personal information, disclosure, correction, suspension of add or remove and use of, erase or stop the provision to a third party
For personal information held by the Company, as long as the person himself or his representative, notification disclosure of the purpose of use, correction, stoppage of adding or deleting and use, may request to stop the provision to erase or a third party so you can please contact to the following.In such a case, in order to prevent the rewriting of leakage and information of personal information, we will be asked to present your documents and materials that can verify your identity, and we will respond at our established procedures.The personal information subject to disclosure, applies those shown in the use of personal information of Ⅱ Section.

VI.Result caused when not give any resistance and the information providing personal information
Item the Company to obtain personal information is what you provide by all "intention of the person in question".However, if you can not get the required items, there is a possibility that trouble occurs in the various procedures or processing within the company according to the acquisition purpose.

Ⅶ. For information that customers will get by the method that can not be easily recognized
 In some of your application is also a web site, and get convenient to use by customers of the web site
In order, we use cookies (Cookie) *. Customers, change the settings of your web browser
Table by Rukoto to refuse cookies, or to alert when cookies
It can be shown.For more information, please refer to the description of your browser.However, cookies
If you have been denied receipt of the key, to provide at the web site "inquiry" of the service
Because there is the case in whole or in part is no longer available, please understand.
Cookies (Cookie) * and the web server and the customer's web browser to manage the web site
This refers to information that enables interaction between.Cookies are customers of Computing
It may be stored in another disk as a file. If you wish to use cookies,
Web server has a particular record information such as which computer visited which pages of the web site
It will be possible.However, our customers Do is input your personal information on the web site
There only, we identify the customer, it can not be identified.

Your claims and complaints and consultation reception desk:The protection of personal information management officer
Street address:Yubinbango162-0825 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kagurazaka 6-24
phone number:03-3267-0270