Document Engineering




Website Creation and Translation

We provide support for planning and creating multilingual websites using a CMS (WordPress, Joomla!, etc.), including human translation, machine translation, post-editing, and integrating with crowdsourcing translation platforms.

Manual & Catalog Creation

We can reduce your manual and catalog production costs by undertaking all processes from planning and creation to multi-language translation.

Resource & Environment Support

We offer support for providing language resources, such as creating and managing terminology lists, guidelines, or translation memory data. We can also support automating your translation environment, covering everything from CMS to TMS, CAT tools and implementing machine translation.

Comprehensive Solution for Documentation

At KI, we provide support for all processes related to documentation, from website construction, manual/catalog creation and multi-language translation to even printing. We also support building your translation environment and language resources, such as constructing a workflow of integrating the translatable content from a CMS with TMS or CAT tools and creating/managing translation memories, terminology lists, and guidelines. We offer a comprehensive solution for all of those challenges our customers face.

Content We Handle

DTP Applications

We provide layout services for files created with Adobe Creative Cloud applications as well as documents created with other applications including Framemaker and Quark Express.

MS Office

We support all files created with Microsoft Office applications and deliver them in the same layout as the original document. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio)

HTML / XML Coding

We can provide services for simple HTML files for websites or online help and XML data files compiled with MadCap Flare, Robohelp, FrameMaker, etc. We replace the data with translated content and deliver them ready-to-use.

Audio and Video Files

We offer services related to audio and video files, such as adding subtitles or recorded audio to video files from YouTube, etc. and transcribing audio files (e.g. recordings of a meeting). We also support localizing eLearning materials.

Software Localization

Software localization is one of KI's specialist fields, performing user interface translation for more than a million lines per year. As such, we can handle translations over a wide variety of development phases, such as multi-language software translation, localization, language testing, and function testing.

Printing and Binding

While catalogs and manuals are increasingly being made available online, there still remain firm needs for paper-based versions. KI provides total support to its customers, from planning and translation to printing, binding, and delivery.

Total Support for All Data Formats

Content for translation comes in a range of data formats.

KI can translate the content of data created in applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe DTP software or Framemaker, perform layout processing, and will ensure that the completed file is in the same format as the original. This also applies to user interfaces for software and data for websites. We can handle the resource files or XML/HTML data and deliver the finished translation to you in the same format.

We provide support from the very beginning—preparing the data for translation. We can reduce your workload by utilizing a range of methods, such as transcribing scanned documents or audio files, and batch-acquiring text from websites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.