Company Philosophy

Since Kawamura International was founded in 1986, the environment of translation and localization industry has drastically changed and even more rapidly in recent years. Back in 2006, we established the KI Philosophy to define our corporate values and present our basic principles. We believe now is the time to show those values once again to set out our determination to bring forth the transformation to people. Our new KI Philosophy is built with the following three elements:

1. MISSION – What we can bring to you

2. VISION – Where we are headed toward

3. VALUE – How we work and present ourselves to the world

Our Mission

“We will bring transformation to everyone who is in need of translation.”

– What we can bring to you

Transformation is not just about changing systems, it is also about bringing change to the people who use them. By digitalizing the translation processes, we will create a new way of thinking and working.

Our Vision

“We will become a strong, great company that provides fulfillment to its employees and contributes to society.”

– Where we are headed toward

We will strive to become a strong company, down to earth with our roots firmly grounded in the community, and provide fulfillment to our employees with a great workplace, contributing to society by growing all together as a community.

For ten years from 2007 to 2016, we have set our goals to become a “strong, fun, and good-natured company” as our vision of becoming a better company. Some of these were achieved, some should be carried on, and some still needed continuous effort. After reviewing them in 2017, we have updated our vision with core values of “strong company,” “great workplace,” and “contributing to society.”

Our Values

– How we work and present ourselves to the world

The nine values that are important and to be shared among all Kawamura team members, our code of conduct.

1. Seek to deliver the solutions demanded by our customers
What are our customers’ priorities? We will always have this question in mind to find the optimal balance of quality, cost, and turnaround time to suggest the best solution for each customer.

2. Take on the challenge of change
We will actively adopt new technologies without being afraid to change the traditional methods, and take on the challenge, facing toward what we believe to be the right direction.

3. Always improve
Just as "Rome wasn't built in a day," the quality of language services does not improve in a day. We will always strive to improve our quality, taking action to become closer to perfection.

4. Always be professional
We take pride in being a group of professionals. To live up to those words, we put in continuous effort to meet our customers’ expectations one by one at the highest level.

5. Grow together with our partners
We embrace and find importance in collaboration to grow together with our partners.

6. Have fun
Our ultimate goal is to work happy! Great work comes from positive energy. We are serious in making work fun.

7. Take a human-centered approach
After all, we are all human beings with emotions. We will always start from putting ourselves in others’ shoes.

8. Seek a sustainable business model
We will approach our business in consideration of the environment, people, and community with a long term vision.

9. Accept diversity
We respect diversity not just in appearance but also in personality for each and one of us. We will always try to understand and respect all of our members, and that is the corporate culture we aspire.