"Everyone's automatic translation @KI (commercial version)" is available in Translation Designer and Yarakuzen

June 18, 2018


More widely offer ~ the ~ domestic neural automatic translation

Kawamura International Co., Ltd. (Head Office:Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President:Midori Kawamura), June 18, 2018 (Monday), we have added the ability to use the domestic neural automatic translation engine "Minna automatic translation @KI (commercial version)" on "Translation Designer" to their sale .Also, this way you can now use the cloud-based translation software same engine even "Yarakuzen" of Hachiraku Co., Ltd., a development partner companies.

[URL] https://www.k-intl.co.jp/translationdesigner

It provides image (in the case of a cloud version)

 Three of the benefits of additional features

  1. "Everyone's automatic translation @KI (commercial version)," can be selected from "Translation Designer" (optional)
  2. Can also be selected from the cloud-based translation software "Yarakuzen" (optional)
  3. Full on-premises introduction of domestic neural MT and "Translation Designer" (or "Yarakuzen") can also be realized


It provides image (in the case of the on-premises version)

 Function additional background

"Everyone's automatic translation @KI (commercial version)" is a domestic neural automatic translation engine that utilizes a "translation bank".Among the software, called a translation support tool, but it can be a plug-in cooperation with the major ones (such as SDL Trados Studio), from users of translation support tools that are not work together, it has raised development request directly below.By the newly developed, along with the answer to such part of the needs, you will be more wide range of users can use the "Minna automatic translation @KI (commercial version)".

How to use and introduction method

June 18, 2018 (Monday) or later, from Translation Designer or Yarakuzen of interface, can now choose the automatic translation engine you want to use.This feature addition, users who use the option, prior to application of the automatic translation by selecting the language direction, will be to choose the "Minna automatic translation @KI (commercial version)".

 For more information, please refer to the press release by the Hachiraku Corporation.
NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology) both the high accuracy of the translation and security in the selection of the optimum engine in accordance with the available to-use and language development neural translation engine of the translation tool "Yarakuzen" -


[Service provides summary]

price:(Minna automatic translation @KI (commercial version) use option price list) 

Sales methods:Monthly billing by API collaboration with Translation Designer or YarakuZen (optional)
Sales outlet:Kawamura International Co., Ltd. and Hachiraku Co., Ltd.

  •  Available languages, both will be a combination of the Japanese and other languages.
  • Depending on the plan in use, the available number of users and the price is determined.(I do not have at the moment plans that use only part of the user)
  • If you would like to "Extra Large" or more of the plan, your use of the on-premises version, If you wish to use in the API, please contact our representative.
  • This price list is an option available price for the Translation Designer and ya easier all users.If you want to use only the "Minna automatic translation @KI (commercial version)", we offer a different price list.For more information, please contact our representative.

 [And Translation Designer]

 "Translation Designer" is a "Yarakuzen" was the foundation, is an automatic translation take advantage of the platform.Not an automatic translation only, we request to the in-house translation in charge, or translation by the translation company, post-editing, since it is possible to request a check, so as to be able to select a method to flexibly translation depending on the application and conditions Become.Other English during the day, which corresponds to the major languages ​​of Europe and Asia, also can select an engine that matches from multiple automatic translation engine to its own conditions, it is a feature of Translation Designer unique.[URL] https://www.k-intl.co.jp/translationdesigner

[And Yarakuzen]

 It is a cloud-based translation software to support users of translation and multi-lingual business within the company.And anyone intuitive simple interface, high-quality machine translation, which is personalized as you use it by artificial intelligence, by the robust security that can respond to the enterprise level, Konica Minolta Co., Ltd. in the two years or so from the official release , UNITED ARROWS LTD., already several hundred companies business bidder, such as Corporation KOMEHYO, we use our tens of thousands of users.
[URL] https://www.yarakuzen.com

■ Company Profile

Company name: Hachiraku Co., Ltd.
Business: The development and provision and operation of multilingual communication tool
home page: https://www.yarakuzen.com/about/
Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Nanpeidaichō 4-8-607
Date of establishment: August 2009
CEO: Yu Sakanishi (Suguru Sakanishi)
Capital: 174,850,000 yen

Company name: Kawamura International Co., Ltd.
home page: https://www.k-intl.co.jp/
Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kagurazaka 6-42 Kagurazaka Kitagawa building 6th floor
Date of establishment: January 1986
CEO: Midori Kawamura (Midori Kawamura)
Business: Translation solutions, such as translation and machine translation and post-editing, interpretation, production, staffing
Capital:50,000,000 yen

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Spokesman:Moriguchi (Moriguchi)
TEL:03-3267-0270 (representative) Email:sales@k-intl.co.jp

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