Basic Knowledge of Post-editing


What is post-editing?

Post-editing is a process in which a linguist edits the output of machine translation (MT) in order to make it closer to human translation.


How is it different from translation?

Broadly speaking, it requires the output of machine translation. As opposed to creating a new translation based on past human translations, in post-editing the translation is produced from scratch by an MT engine.


Why use post-editing?

The aim is to reduce the costs involved in translation and shorten the turnaround time. As the accuracy of MT has increased, it is now being looked at as an option in place of human translation.


What about quality?

The desired level of quality for post-editing is discussed and decided with our customers. The higher the committed quality level, the lower the effect on cost-saving and turnaround time.


Do you have a price list?

No, we don't. We estimate the price on an as-needed basis because the price largely depends on the output from the MT engine used and quality level decided with our customer.


But I don't have an MT engine...

We can assist you with implementing the optimum MT engine and taking maximum advantage of your current translation assets, or provide you with an engine custom-built by KI.

Why Request Post-editing from KI?

We Process Millions of Words per Month

We lead the industry in the number of post-editors involved and the volume of post-editing projects we have successfully completed. Our strength also lies in our ability to secure native speaking post-editors not only limited to English/Japanese but also others, such as European languages.

KI is seeing an ever increasing number of post-editing projects.

How the Process Works


The post-editing process starts with a consultation with our dedicated consultants to discuss your needs.
At this time, we also check whether the document and content is suitable for post-editing.

Free Sample

We will provide a free post-editing sample using the actual text from your material (limited to an amount that can be processed in a few hours). After confirming the quality, your quote request will be officially placed.

Quote / Placing Order

After coming to an agreement on the parameters of the project, we will prepare a quote including the price and turnaround time.
After reviewing it, you may place your order.

Delivery / After-sales

Layout services for the finished
product using Microsoft Office or other DTP applications are also available. Your first request for revisions will be implemented free of charge.

Features of Our Post-editing Service

Utilizing International Standards

KI is actively involved in the process of developing ISO standards for post-editing. We help clarify the differences between post-editing and human translation regarding process, requirements, quality standards, etc., and facilitate agreement on quality standards and setting of processes/methods.

Post-editor Training

We provide training to our post-editors through hands-on experience for developing the necessary skill sets, while clearly setting out the similarities with and differences from standard translation. We also hold post-editing seminars that focus on how to increase productivity.

Working with CAT Tools

We can construct a workflow using translation support tools such as SDL TRADOS Studio, Memsource, memoQ, and XTM to batch-apply translation memories and machine translation. This will improve the efficiency of subsequent translations.

Past and Current Projects

Global IT Vendor

This project involves post-editing content translated from English into Japanese. We batch-apply translation memories and machine translation and then perform post-editing.

Travel Booking Site

We post-edit machine-translated customer reviews on a booking website for tourists.

Electrical Machinery Manufacturer (JP)

This project involves post-editing content translated from Japanese into English. We post-edit the technical data uploaded to our customer's website.

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Document requests from competitors or freelance translators may be subject to denial. We appreciate your understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.