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The Era of Machine Translation

The performance of machine translation (MT) engines is constantly improving.
Since the times of rule-based MT, KI has been working with MT through trial and error for more than 20 years.
In recent years, the quality of MT output has improved impressively with the emergence of neural MT.

By utilizing MT, you can consider translating those materials that were left untouched because of time and money.

KI can provide total support for using MT from answering fundamental questions, such as whether to purchase your own engine, to assisting with the MT engine selection, performance evaluation and customization.

We Clarify What MT Can and Cannot Do

We get a lot of questions about MT, saying that although MT seems useful, it's hard to find where to start.

Given that there is a multitude of people involved in MT, including MT engine developers,
distributors, translators, and translation companies, someone seeking for MT will need to gather
information from all of them since they all provide different MT services from their standpoint.

For instance, if you need an MT engine for a new service at your company,
you will want to contact an MT engine developer or distributor.

On the other hand, if you have documents that are already translated by a translation company and wish to
reduce the costs and shorten the turnaround time using MT, you will want to contact a translation company.

Since we at KI can provide both of those services,
our strength lies in our ability to suggest the optimum solution to fit your needs.

In addition, we are familiar with various translation solutions such as
human translation, crowdsourcing translation, MT, and post-editing.

We can clarify what MT can do and cannot do, and advise on whether MT is the best solution for your
desired quality or what kind of material is suited for MT. We can also provide you with an alternative solution.

Why Request MT Solutions from KI?

KI is a problem solving company that contributes to the society with its high technology backed by experience and proven record of success.
In order to meet our customers' wide range of needs, we provide support for MT solutions from consultation to after-sales in one-stop.

We Find Your Optimum Engine

We will find and provide the optimum engine to fit your needs. KI offers support for implementing various solutions, including Auto-translation for All @KI (Commercial Version), Google Translate, Microsoft Translator Hub, Statistical MT engines, and Rule-based MT engines.

We Automate Your Workflow

We can construct a workflow to extract texts to be translated from your CMS and use translation support tools such as YarakuZen, SDL TRADOS Studio, Memsource, memoQ, and XTM to batch-apply translation memories and MT. 

We Even Provide Post-editing

We can improve the quality of your MT output with our post-editing service when the quality of MT is not enough. As an one-stop solution provider, we can also secure native speaking post-editors in multiple languages. KI processes more than 10M words per year.

Globalese 3.0


  • Basic bilingual data already mounted for major European languages
  • Adaptation feature that leverages your data
  • Monthly fee starting from 7000 JPY
  • On-premises deployment also available

Translation Designer

For a secure environment using Google NMT and Microsoft Translator

  • ドラッグ&ドロップで機械翻訳を活用
  • Request in-house translation by one click
  • Outsourcing to a translation company is also one click away
  • Shareable translation memories / glossaries

Auto-translation for All @KI

日<>英、日<>中、日<>韓の高精度機械翻訳を自社内で運用するならみんなの自動翻訳@KI (商用版)

  • SaaS model -- No initial costs needed
  • Full on-premises deployment also available (only within Japan)
  • Includes a dedicated engine for patent translation
  • Best option for Japanese <> Chinese / Korean

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.